What is vapacige?

There are a lot of different definitions for https://vapacige.com, depending on who you ask. But in general, we believe it to be the art of using water vapor to create an aesthetically pleasing visual display. The word is derived from the french word for fog (“vapeur”) and the japanese kanji character ‘ka’ which means “art” or “performance.”


Vapacige can be used for a variety of different purposes. It is most often used to create artwork, as a means of communication, or as a way to relax. A number of companies offer in-home kits to convert your home into a vaporized studio. For more information, please visit www.vapacige.com

Why would I want to use vapacige?

You might want to try vapacige if you are looking for an elegant, elegantly simple way to express yourself and/or your thoughts in the air around you.

What does it do?

Vapacige creates beautiful atmospheres that transform ordinary outdoor spaces into extraordinary ones by creating visual effects with water vapor. These visual effects are created through careful manipulation of temperature, humidity and a little bit of skill.

How do you do vapacige?

The most common way to create water vapor for vapacige is to boil water in a pressure cooker, or on a stove top using just a little bit of salt. This releases the water vapor into the atmosphere which, at lower densities, can be seen as fog or vapor. In order to create the larger vapor/water effects used in vapacige performances, this vapor is then blown around with large fans and pumped with dehumidifiers.


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