Every game has secrets, but Titanfall’s is pretty major. For the first time in years there is a new shooting game that has been released from a major developer and it is finally available for purchase or download. The wait was definitely worth it as Titanfall-like monterey park shooting restaurant offers a shooter of the future that promises fast paced, over-the-top action on an epic scale. It might help you understand why this game’s development team went to such great lengths to keep some of their processes secret, but some players have already found out some of the most well guarded secrets about Titanfall.

8 guarded secrets about Titanfall are here:

1. The Titans are not what they appear

One of the most useful skills in Titanfall is to use a double jump and air dash. The dash enhances your mobility, but there are certain places in maps where you can use it to go right through walls. So, if you feel like you’re trapped inside a building, try using the double jump and dash to break through the wall.

2. Use the Double Jump skill wisely

Another secret about Titanfall is found when using the double jump skill which allows users to get above battle lines and other hard-to-reach areas. Take a look at your map. The symbols that look like highlighter marks are places where, if you double jump, you can land and move around quickly, as long as you’re using the right place.

3. Take out enemies with ease

How about some more about the double jump? Once you get to those high grounds, use the dash function to collide with enemy Titans and pilots. This is especially useful when you have been damaged and need to retreat from combat for a bit. Use it smartly though; there is a cooldown time so take advantage of it before trying again.

4. Boosting is everything

If you want to be a good Titan pilot player then you will quickly learn about the importance of boosting. You can use the boost for speed, but also as a weapon. Run into an enemy Titan and he or she is going down fast. It’s all in the timing, though. Get it right and boost away while your opponent begins to fall.

5. Use The Rodeo Skill Wisely

This one is really easy to manage and yet many don’t even realize they can do it in the first place. Whenever your Titan has an enemy grappled, press X and you’ll sit on them like a cowboy on a bull (hence the name). You can then boost away or fire at the enemy Titan to do some serious damage.

6. You have a shield

You can’t always rely on your Titan to be there for you, especially if you aren’t able to maintain control of it for a given amount of time, so it is wise to know how to defend yourself as an infantry soldier. To do that you need to learn about the deflect ability that’s available. This will allow you to use your own body and shotgun blast to take on other Titans or soldiers on the ground. It’s a skill that’s hard to master, but worth it once you do; try using it and your enemies will think twice before ever targeting you again!

7. You can go higher

The city maps in Titanfall are quite large and if you ever find that you’re not able to locate the enemy for a moment then try using the rooftops. You can do this by double jumping onto the top of buildings and from there you can scout out your enemies. Another great trick for the Titan pilot player is to remember about the ability to jump up high. Try to use it as often as you can. With this skill, you can stun enemies by slamming them into a wall and then going up to take them out at a higher altitude.

8. Gutsy pilots have a chance

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the Titans are rough and tough, but what you might not realize is that it doesn’t take much to bring one of them down. Instead of going after the Titan head on, try using any one of the tactics above and you just might get lucky. Those courageous enough to play Titanfall will soon realize that there is no shame in being destroyed, even by other pilots. If they learn how the game functions they will be able to get back in with their own or any other kind of vehicles and fight back against attackers.


There are many more secrets that could be included in the list of most guarded secrets about Titanfall, but these eight should get you started. All of them have been tested and proven to be true by those who have either found them or discovered them like me. I can’t wait to try this game myself and then report on my findings.


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