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It’s not news that gamers habitually play games for hours at a time. What, though, is less known is that the gaming industry doesn’t find these habits attractive in the least. There are numerous reasons for this: lack of focus, impulsiveness and addiction, decreased productivity and concentration levels. 

In short, playing games in slow mode can be bad for your career development – both personally and professionally! Msi 970 gaming slow mode is the preferred setting for the gaming community, but that’s only because most gamers don’t realize the negative impact on their career development. Tell it to your boss, teacher or the next boss. This article will explain how to tell you that you should turn off the health and performance monitor in Windows 10.

The article is divided into several sections, which describes the deleterious effects slow mode has on the workforce:

1. Decreased productivity

Because gaming companies know that most gamers are playing at least one game on any given day, they always have their employees play their latest games – thus increasing their productivity! Unfortunately, because slow mode reduces gaming speed and graphics fidelity, gamers have a hard time distinguishing “serious” games from “unhealthy” ones. Thus they tend to stick with games that get them less input per hour (i.e. farming) and spend more time playing them (i.e repetitive tasks).

2. Decreased working memory

The ability to focus is one of the more important skills that gets developed in adulthood. Gaming, on the other hand, causes users to lose focus and work slower. This means that regardless of how good at anagrams you are, you’re wasting your time.

Another difference is that gamers never have perfect recall – a trait valued in many professions (not just jobs). Usually gamers don’t remember what they really need or what they need to do because one “unimportant” game just came up. In a word: multitasking sucks!

3. Decreased long term memory

Gaming is similar to monotasking in this respect – gaming has a negative impact on the user’s memory of their experience. This means that the learning of functional information (e.g. how to work on a website) is lacking and the development of both short- and long-term memories suffers all together. Because many gamers only play games, they don’t seem to recognize this problem when they sight it after a few weeks or months of playing too many games at once, which is why they blame it on slow mode in Windows 10

4. Decreased attention span

Gaming is often described as a “mental break” or “stimulation”, but this doesn’t matter in the long term. The impact of gaming on people’s attention spans is so profound that it can cause people to have difficulty keeping up with daily tasks, even when they are not playing games! These people are prone to distractions and short attention spans.

5. Decreased overall intelligence

This is unproven but there are documented cases. One of the first things that becomes apparent in adaptive testing (testing for different conditions) is that people who have been using a computer for a long time start showing severe symptoms of mental retardation due to the rapid development of muscle tone in their fingers and hands. 

This muscle tone is so bad that playing games becomes impossible because one doesn’t have the necessary control over one’s hands. This particular problem has been reported by many users after they quit gaming completely, which explains why they lose their work ethic – their intelligence never came back either!

6. Decreased ability to learn

Learning is a broad concept that includes a lot of different things. Gaming doesn’t make you unable to learn, but it does discourage you from learning new things because it gives one the feeling that they are doing something useful – not so with learning. Learning something new means having to change your behavior and personality in order to adapt to these changes. This process is hard and especially difficult for people who are used to playing many games at once and therefore don’t know how to cope with their own laziness!

7. Decreased job performance

If you’re stuck in an unenviable position, chances are that your career could use some serious help. A good solution is to spend less time gaming, especially if you’re already far behind your colleagues.


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