Games are a form of entertainment, competition, persistence, and socializing. They’re incredibly accessible in today’s era. There are games for all ages, from infants to seniors — from learning to possessive aggressors. However, the best games are often the ones that have some kind of depth to them, or a theme that acts as a distraction from its average gameplay.

Whether you’re looking for a quick, fun game and 7 letter sports car to play with your friends or simply want to expand your knowledge about games and gain insight into how some of today’s top players play their games, these quotes will bring out different parts of you.

8 facts about games to impress your friends are:

1. 94% of U.S. Adults Have Played a Video Game

This is a great statistic! With the rise of new generations and the accessibility to technology, more and more people are getting hooked to gaming. Video games are becoming increasingly popular with a big audience. One of the best things about video games for adults is that you can play anytime, wherever you are. One of the worst things about video games for adults is also true…you can play anytime, wherever you are.

2. The Average Gamer Plays an Average of 45 Minutes Per Day

More commonly, “Gamer” is a male over the age of the average adult who plays the same game for hours upon hours on end. Despite the stereotype or statements from kids and some adult gamers, no one plays their game for over 45 minutes at a time or even close to that a day! A gamer playing an average of 4 hours per week and 2 hours per day is about as close to that as anyone’s going to get. 

3. Gamers Are More Likely to Be Male

The average gamer is more likely to be male. However, this does not mean that women aren’t gamers. In fact, there are approximately equal amounts of male and female video game players. Studies have shown that out of all gamers, the majority of them are male and the rest are female. This is because many girls (besides the stereotypical female gamer) do not consider video games as an art form, but rather a form of entertainment to come home to after a long day at work.

4. MMOs Have The Highest Average Age Range

Many people will wonder why MMOs have the highest average age range whereas first person shooters such as Call of Duty and Halo have such a wide range in ages accepted into their community. While this is true, there’s a reason: It’s much easier to play Call of Duty than World Of Warcraft. You can play Call of Duty with your friends in a simple party system, whereas World Of Warcraft is an entire community of people to get to know.

5. The Average Professional Gamer Makes About $150,000 In A Year

Meaning that although it may seem fun and easy to play video games, they actually require great discipline and many hours of mastery to be able to play at the top level. It’s also important to take into account that there are more than one million people admitted into the ESports industry…meaning there’s more than one million people who make at least 150k in a year playing video games.

6. Over 50% of Gamers Are Women

Although it is true that the majority of gamers are male, there are nearly as many female gamers as male gamers. In fact, there are nearly as many female gamers as male casual and hardcore gamers put together. As proven before, men are far more likely to play games than women — about a 70% to 30% split. But it’s important to note that the majority of those women who do play games are casual gamers and not professional gamers.

7. One Gamer In Three Is An Addict

A recent study has found that one out of every three gamers is an addict and nearly one out of every ten gamers is addicted to their game. Video games are addictive, no doubt about it, but there’s also something else at play here: people who enjoy playing video games and consider them all-important also tend to consider themselves addicts too.

8. The Average Gamer Plays 42 Games in a Year

Amazingly enough, the average gamer plays 42 video games annually. Most people don’t play all of their games each year, they play only 20 – 25 per year. Because of this, you’re much more likely to find a gamer who loves one type of game rather than all types. 


It goes to show that today’s gamers are incredibly intelligent, very disciplined and can easily become addicted to the game and “throw-away” their social lives. Also, gamers use their video games to get a lot of experiences they would otherwise not have had if they just played the game alone in their room.

Gamers are now one of the most intelligent people in our society… like it or not, we all need them! Thank you for reading my article about 8 Facts About Games That Will Impress Your Friends. I hope you enjoyed reading this article. Please don’t forget to share this post with your friends and family. Have a good day! Enjoy Gaming!


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