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Neon messages logos are a fun and cool way to project your brand. In this article, I’ll show you the best & easiest ways to make a neon message logo using paint, acrylics, markers, brushes and more.

Making a neon messages logo is easier than you might think! Neon colors are vibrant, bright and different from what we’re used to seeing with other colors. They stand out like nothing else can and happen to be inexpensive too! 

Neon is also an inexpensive way of spicing up any ordinary day into something truly special so I’m sure making a neon logo will feel that much more rewarding for you once it’s finished. You’ll be surprised just how easy it is to make a neon logo. These tutorials will teach you how to make neon signs, neon keyring, neon bottles and more.

How to Make a Neon Message Logo?

1. Neon Shirt Design

This is my favorite neon logo because it’s easy to make and super cheap too! You can decorate your shirt, hoodie or jacket with a bright glitter effect while still having the neon logo on the front. It feels personalized which is great when you want to stand out from everyone else. 

There are so many ways that you can make this. You can make all of the different elements yourself but I’ve designed an image template for you so you don’t have to spend that much time making this yourself. 

2. Neon Logo

I love this neon logo because it seems like you’ve made it yourself. It’s perfect for if you’re wanting to make your brand look more hand-made. You can decorate your logo however you like and they way it stands out is unique and memorable.

 You don’t have to spend hours making this either, I have included a few images that have been made to make things easier for you. If you’re not the most creative person in the world then this is definitely the best way for you to go!

3. Neon Clock Design

This is a bright and fun way of adding some life into your home. It looks like you’ve made it yourself. You could even use this as an idea for a gift for someone! It’s very easy to make and great for people who aren’t very creative at all.

 This is also the most budget friendly way to make your neon logo because you will surely be able to find a clock in your local pound shop or even online that you can use!

4. Neon Bottle Design

Another DIY design which is perfect when you don’t have time to make your neon logo on a computer screen. You could decorate any bottle that you have around the house to give it a fun and colorful look. If you don’t like the colors that are on your bottle then no worries, just paint over the bottle with a new color and apply some glitter too.

5. Neon Sign Design

This sign is made from a vinyl sticker which means it’s easy to change the message whenever you like! It makes it look more hand-made and that adds to the charm of it. You can make your sign any size and add on phrases or pictures. The whole thing looks very glam and cute which is perfect if you want to give your room a more quirky vibe.

6. Neon Lamp Design

This is a fun way of adding some neon color into any room or space in your home. I love how unique this looks, especially when you look at the bulb! You could also take this idea further by making a neon table lamp and even a cellphone case using this design too. The possibilities are endless and this is a fun, bright way of spicing up any room in your home.

7. Neon Keyring Design

There’s nothing quite like having a neon keyring! This is really easy to make and perfect if you’re wanting to make your logo into something which you can carry around with you. It looks cool, it’s unique and it will definitely help you stand out from everyone else.

 You don’t have to spend too much time making this key ring because it’s easy to stick all of the elements onto the ring beforehand.

8. Neon Pen Design

This neon sign looks like a real neon sign! The colors are so vibrant and the design is so unique which makes this perfect for a child’s bedroom or anywhere where you want your neon logo to stand out. 

You can apply this to everything from notebooks, t-shirts, notebooks, cups and more. Neon is such a fun way of spicing up an ordinary day and I’m sure that once you’ve made this how it will make you feel all the more special.


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