People have been playing the snake game for a long time. This classic arcade game features a snake that moved faster as it consumed food but died if it hit itself. People play this game for fun or while waiting for things. Both kids and adults enjoy this game a lot. You can also discover the Google Snake game that is famous among gamers. You can play this game using the Chrome browser. It appears on the top if you search Google Snake on the search engine.

Players can hit the maximum score of 252. You can also play this game using the Google Maps app. Nowadays, many people are also using the modded version of the Google Snake game. It unlocks various features of this arcade game. So, we will tell you about using the Google snake mod; keep reading and do not miss anything:

Using Google Snake Game Mod

People play the Google snake game modded as it unlocks different features. You can find variety in the food, maps, and animals after using a modded version of Google Snake. You have to follow some steps to mod this arcade game. Below, you can check the steps to use google snake mod:

1. Downloading The Google Snake Mod Menu File 

First, you have to download the mod file for the Google Snake game. You have to visit Github, and here you will get the mod file. You can click on this link to get this file. Now, you have to click on ModMenu.html to download the mod file. Without this file, you cannot mod the Google Snake game. The mod file is stored in C:\Users\(your username)\Downloads. Also, remember that it works only on Chrome browser. So, do not use other browsers like Microsoft Edge or Firefox. 

2. Importing The Google Snake Mod Menu File

Now, you have to import the mod file to your Chrome browser. You have to add this file to your bookmark to access it anytime. Open your Chrome browser and click on the three dots on the URL address bar. Click on bookmarks and open the bookmark manager option. Now, you can see the three dots on the top right corner below the address bar of chrome. Click on the three dots and choose the import bookmarks option. Now, locate the ModMenu.html file and select it. Click on open to import the mod file. 

3. Running Google Snake Game Mod

After downloading and importing the mod file to Chrome browser, it is the time to run it. First, you have to open the Google Snake Game on the Chrome browser and click on the play button. After that, click on the three dots of the URL address bar. After that, click on bookmarks> Imported > ModMenu. Now, you can check the mod menu and look for different options. You can see different options for food, maps, animals, and more cool stuff. Modding of the Google Snake makes the game more enjoyable.


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