In a world obsessed with video game violence, it is easy to overlook the fact that not all great games are violent. Media fury over games series such as Grand Theft Auto paints a very one-sided view of the world of video games. The fact is that there are a wealth of top-quality games available that promote relaxation, calm, and learning as opposed to violence and gore. Here are just four of them that go to show video gaming in a completely different light. 


Few games offer the beautiful relaxation of the underwater world as Abzu. You enter a tranquil underwater environment that looks completely stunning in high definition, almost like watching a marine life documentary. Here you swim with the sea creatures, and the emphasis is on exploration rather than survival. The graphics and sound are simply sublime and are best enjoyed on the full-on a PC geared towards producing high-definition graphics such as those found at Gaming Lenovo Desktops. As you explore the underwater beauty, a beautiful orchestral symphony plays. This music was created by Grammy-winning composer Austin Wintory, and the tranquil soundscape and incredible graphics take you on a journey quite unlike most other video games.


Released on PC in 2019 after a hugely successful launch on PlayStation 3, Flower promotes relaxation and a feeling of spirituality in an utterly unique way. Players start the game by controlling a single flower petal and guiding it through captivating field-based landscapes. There are no power bars, enemies, or other standard video game tropes. The aim of the game is simply to pass through the fields collecting other flower petals, unlock other areas of the landscape, and progress through the levels. The game promotes intense feelings of calm in an almost zen-like state. While it is only a short game at 1-2 hours long, it is an experience that will live in your thoughts for a considerable time longer. 

Planet Zoo 

If you love the idea of taking care of animals, then you will really enjoy playing Planet Zoo. The aim of the game is to build a successful zoo enterprise while ensuring that your animals are well cared for and have everything that they need. Once again, the graphics are stunning, with the fifty types of animals perfectly rendered with lifelike animation that truly encourages you to bond with and nurture them. The needs of the animals must also be balanced with the viability of the Zoo as a commercial concern, so this also gives the game a rich vein of strategic thought and planning as well as caring for the beautiful animals. IGN reviewed the game, giving it a score of 8.5 out of 10, describing it as great. If you want beauty and relaxation alongside an element of strategy, then this game will be a perfect fit for you.

To Sum Up

Hopefully, the above three games have illustrated the fact that video games are not all centered around violence and death. These three gaming masterpieces prove that modern PC games can be for all audiences and are able to be a source of relaxation, inspiration, and calm.

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