For years, people have been cutting their own hair cuticle health 2h. (This is true even of kings and queens). If you want to cut your own hair, and are wondering about the best ways to go about it, look no further! We’ve put together a list of helpful tips for those looking to give themselves a haircut. Enjoy!

1. Plan how you are going to cut your hair.

Think about the style that you want. Do you want a haircut at home, in the salon or both? Do you want the style to look somewhat groomed and neat or messy and unkempt? What about hair color? You can have long hair with different colored streaks in it or short hair with gray streaks instead of brown , for example. 

2. Get a haircut before you start cutting your own hair.

If you have long, thick, wavy or curly hair, for example, it is best if someone else cuts it for you. This is because you need a head-start on learning some of the basic techniques when cutting your own hair. 

3. Consider the tools you will need.

To cut your own hair, you need a pair of scissors and a comb. If you want to get the job done quickly without spending too much time or money on trimmings, it is best if you take some clippers with you. You can ask someone at a beauty store to help you pick out the best hair clippers for home use. 

4. Learn how to trim your bangs properly and safely.

This is a good way to start cutting your own hair as soon as possible! It is also good practice for cutting other parts of your hair once you get better at it. 4 a. Using a mirror and comb, part your hair where you want your bangs to be.

4 b. Gently comb the bangs in place.

4 c. Make a straight line to cut the bangs with your scissors, the same length all over .

4 d. Use a mirror to see that you cut in even lines across your forehead and down your face (if needed). 

5. Take your time in cutting.

If you are inexperienced with scissors and cutting hair, take extra time to learn the basic techniques on how to cut your own hair. You will want the cut to look neat and tidy before you move on.

6. Know where to start with cutting your hair.

Start at the ends of it, not at one place in particular, like on the back of your head, for example. In addition, if you are unsure where to start like this, investigate what a haircut looks like from all sides of your head including from behind before you decide where exactly to begin!

7. Make sure all clippers are turned off first before beginning with cutting your own hair.

Be sure to turn off your clippers and only use them when cutting hair, not for other things like trimming facial hair or cutting fingernails.

8. Don’t cut your hair too short or too long at home.

If you are unsure of how to cut your own hair and are planning on doing it in the comfort of your home, go to a salon and have them do it for you first. This will give you an idea of how short to go and what length is suitable for you so that you do not end up looking ridiculous when it comes time to cut it at home!

9. Don’t make cuts that look totally different from what they actually look like.

If you are cutting your own hair, make sure that you review the finished look a few times before shaving or cutting it to make sure it’s what you want.

10. Be careful when using clippers on your own hair.

If you are using clippers on your own hair, make sure that they are not too close to the skin otherwise your scalp may be burnt from the heat from them. Use them only after carefully reading instructions on how to use the clippers and how to cut one’s own hair with clippers!

11. Be careful where you leave your clippers.

Some people make mistakes when cutting their own hair by leaving their clippers on a table instead of putting them back in the bag with the rest of their things after they are finished with them. This can cause wayward cuts on one’s hair and messes up the cut as well!

12. Learn how to take care of your hair after you cut it.

To get the best results and look good all day, keep your new haircut cool and be sure to use a moisturizing product immediately after you get it done. If you want a different style, go back for another haircut about two weeks later so that all the styles can be maintained at once!

13. Use a comb with your haircut.

If you are using a razor or scissors to cut your hair, you might want to use a comb with it to move the hair around before cutting it. Keep the length of the hair in mind with your cuts too!

14. Drink water before and after you cut your own hair.

People who are too busy to drink water regularly will end up dehydrated when cutting their own hair due to the extra concentration that it requires of the body for such physical activity. To avoid this, make sure to drink water before cutting and again after! 15. Be careful not to pull on your face when cutting yourself.


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