For some people, the issues of frizzy hair are more than just an annoying morning ritual. For those individuals who suffer from alopecia or a form of hair loss in which your body is producing tiny amounts of its own natural oils, frizzy hair, lighter hair on top darker on bottom can be an everyday struggle.

But not for long! We have the list for you below on how to get rid of frizzy hair so that you can live your best life without having to worry about it any longer.

1. Switch Your Shampoo.

If you’re a person who uses shampoo and conditioner every day, then you may want to switch things up a little bit and consider using a shampoo concentrate instead. This will help with frizziness because it doesn’t contain the harsh chemicals that can cause it in hair.

2. Deep Condition.

Deep conditioning is very important for any individual who has frizzy hair, and there are several different ways you can do it. The most beneficial one is to place coconut oil in your hair for about half an hour and then wrap it underneath a shower cap to prevent any moisture from escaping throughout your next shower session.

3. Shampoo Twice.

This will help with frizziness because it’s going to loosen the oils from your hair that are causing it to become tangled and frizzy in the first place. If you’re using a shampoo concentrate, then you can actually wash your hair twice before conditioning it, so that you can use less of it within your entire routine.

4. Use a Hair & Scalp Conditioner Once Every Two Weeks.

This will help with frizziness by making sure that your scalp will be loose, and not as tight as it used to be. This is also a good idea if you want to prevent losing hair in the first place, because once you start using a conditioner that helps your hair become smooth again, you can stop using this product.

5. Treat the Roots First and Then the Ends.

Treating the roots of your hair is important because lightening them and keeping them healthy will lessen how much frizziness they are causing. But if they become tangled and knotted before it can get to the end of your strands, then that’s when it becomes more of a problem in disguise.

6. Brush Your Hair Once a Day.

Brushing your hair is important because it will help you to keep the frizziness out, as well as to increase the amount of volume that your strands have when you dry them. And if you’re going to do this, then your brush should be soft enough so that it doesn’t pull at your hair too much, but also confident enough that it can hold all of your hair in place while you’re drying it.

7. Get Rid of Frizzy Hair with a Scalp Conditioner Once Every Two Weeks.

This is where conditioners come in because they are designed to loosen up the oils on top of your scalp, which is what causes frizzy hair in the first place. If you can treat the roots, then your scalp will be cleaner and produce less oils when you dry it.

8. Use a Headache Cream and Sunscreen on Your Scalp Daily.

This is going to help with frizziness because it’s going to moisturize your hair, and it’s also going to prevent any further breakage or damage that can take place while you’re outside in the struggle of a brisk day. If your scalp becomes irritated due to being exposed to the sun all of day long, then your conditioner is not going to work effectively.

9. Use a Hair Styling Wand as Part of Your Every-Day Routine.

This is going to help with frizziness because they are designed specifically to hold your hair in place while you style it. They’re usually made out of flexible plastic that’s been coated on the inside to prevent damage, but they can still be gently washed with a mild shampoo when you’re done styling your hair so that they don’t get too greasy and sticky.

10. Use a Blow Dryer When Your Hair Is Still Wet to Help Prevent Frizziness.

This is going to help with frizziness because it will dehydrate your hair so that it becomes more manageable, and it will also enlarge the size of the air holes in your blow dryer, which will help speed up the drying process. An extra benefit of this process is that it will help reshape your haircut, just in case you accidentally cut it a little too short.

11. Use a Hair Cuff Once a Week to Style Your Hair the Way You Want.

This is going to help with frizziness because it’s going to tangle up your hair so that you don’t have to, and you can also use it on updos in case you’re forced to tie up your hair due to rain or snow. They are available at most beauty supply stores, and they are made out of flexible plastic so they won’t cause any damage.

12. Use Styling Creams Before You Dry Your Hair.

This is going to help with frizziness because it will tangle your hair up so that it can be easily combed out as soon as you’re ready. It’s important to do this before you dry your hair because it will help it become smoother and more manageable after using your blow dryer.


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