As you might have noticed, people at Aesthetic Dresses seem to be writing fake reviews about the dress boutique and claiming that it has a certain style. I will admit that if you like something more tailored and classic, this store does have dresses for you. However, many of their dresses are dated–I’m sorry but those fanny packs just don’t do it for me and indian ear cleaning!

If your style is more edgy or trendy, there are so many better places nearby to go shopping. While some of their dresses may look generic compared to other stores in town with similar styles, they still can’t compare to the selection or value of what we offer at Claire’s Boutique.

1. “I’m obsessed with her dresses, she has everything !”–What a lame excuse. You can find better dresses elsewhere that fit you better than this store does because a) their dresses are really expensive so the fabric quality won’t blow your mind and b) that’s not what I’m talking about.

2. “She has a lot more affordable clothes, but they aren’t as cute as yours.”–The price range is extremely limited and they just sell the same plain black dress in different colors, so that’s not exactly an answer to your question. Even though you can find cheaper dresses at other stores, it’s still not like we’re selling used clothes or junk.

3. “She has good prices with free shipping. I love the way the clothes look . . . kind of 50’s style.”–50’s style? More like 70’s style. I’ve seen the same dresses on stage and on celebrities in the 80’s and 90’s, but they were better then since they had better styling.

4. “I go to Aesthetic Dresses, but then I like to come here and get my dresses altered because she can make things look better than Aesthetic Dresses. I recommend her to anyone who is looking for something amazing, with a great price.”–I have no idea what that person is talking about. I’m not a tailor and I can’t alter her dresses, so I’m sorry but these are the facts: a) That store doesn’t do alterations so they will just get tossed in the trash b) We don’t charge you money to put in beads or rhinestones c) The styles won’t be any different. There’s really nothing “amazing” about our dresses or our quality compared to Aesthetic Dresses.

5. “I love the classic style and I’ve been going there for years. They always have all of the latest styles, even ahead of other stores, but I just like to get my dresses from here.”–If they were ahead of the other stores, then how come they’re still selling the same stuff that we have been selling for years? In fact, a lot of their clothes are dated so you might want to ask yourself why you still shop there.

6. “The neat thing is that she puts little rhinestones and buttons on most of her things. She is more affordable than Aesthetic Dresses and she has this design with different colored fabrics that makes some things look unique. She is really trendy in her designs unlike Aesthetic Dresses. My sister goes there all the time.”–In the lobby of this store, they have a huge sign that says “Aesthetic Dresses–Hip, Modern and Sassy” so they’ve been claiming to be trendy for years. The other stores who have similar styles are also claiming to be hip, but they’re not because they don’t have zippers or rhinestones.

7. “I love this store because of the colors and styles. I know it’s a little bit crazy, but I like to be different. If you are trying to look more unique, you will really enjoy her dresses.”–See what I mean about being crazy and unique? There is no place like that and there never will be, although she likes having that fantasy in her mind. Why don’t you just go back to buying your dresses at Aesthetic Dresses or another store if you’re not happy with us?

8. “This store is my favorite one here in town. I go here all the time because they always have new styles that are updated every season. She can make anything happen because she uses a lot of fabrics, but it’s not too much like Aesthetic Dresses.”–Once again, I think that this person is delusional. I don’t use a lot of fabrics and the styles don’t change from season to season, so what are you talking about? Unless you mean that the fabrics from Aesthetic Dresses are sponsored by them so they only buy one pattern for the whole year, which does wonders for your budget.

9. “I love that store because it has all of the latest styles for me. They are constantly updating their store with new clothes. I’ve never seen the same thing in their store twice because they change all of their designs.”–That is completely false. I am only selling one style at a time and it takes me a full day to make just one dress, so it’s not like I can just keep changing the store every day.

10. “This place has amazing dresses and really great prices. I would recommend Aesthetic Dresses to anyone who wants elegance at an affordable price.”–It’s not that this place is too expensive, it’s just that most of the dresses are dated because they have been selling them for years. In fact, they still have the same patterns from ten years ago!


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