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Fashion Model

To style your wardrobe, to become fashionable in a crowd, you must first know the rules. You must learn your fashion history so you’re always on top of trends. It’s about time for a refresher course on the 10 most important aspects of style. Its fashion metro okc  is going to share 10 of the most basic, yet most-often overlooked, tips to mastering a modern day wardrobe. If you’re reading this, regardless of gender, we both know that fashion is important to you. It’s about time you got a few style tips for the hot summer days and nights.

10 Proven Tips to Mastering Its Fashion :

1. Wrinkle-free fabric:

Fashion is a reflection of our times.That’s why we’re blatantly obsessed with style and high-end fabrics that are both high in quality and super comfortable. Because they use stretch fabrics, they’re often wrinkle free. So when it comes to your clothes, you have to pick out some high-end material. 

2. Look for statements:

You don’t need a million accessories to make a statement, and accessories can easily distract from the true elements of fashion that work for your body type or style (if you’re an amateur). It’s about picking one or two pieces that really pop, and make a statement — that can easily be a scarf around your neck or a sexy piece of jewelry. It doesn’t always have to be something new or different either.

3. Don’t forget the shoes:

No one cares about how great the rest of your outfit is, if you’re wearing an ugly pair of shoes. Your shoes are your stylistic punctuation point, so make sure they reflect your personality and style. It’s all about picking out a good pair of heels that compliment an evening dress as much as it can compliment an oversized tee shirt and skinny jeans. 

4. Know when to be bold, and when to take it easy:

There are guys who know how to rock a bold look, and then there are guys who have a style all their own that’s balanced by an even more laid back attitude. If you’re the kind of guy who can pull off funky, psychedelic patterns because you totally own it, than you’re part of that first group.

5. Make sure your clothes match:

This one doesn’t need much of an explanation. Simply put, you don’t want to walk around looking like a clown because your shirt is lime green and your pants are baby blue. Don’t just go through the racks and pick out whatever that grabs your attention – make sure they work together, and know your own style so you don’t make this mistake. 

6. Know what’s in style:

What are people wearing? What makes you feel comfortable? Do you like going the extra mile with a bold look, or do you enjoy a more toned down look. If you’re trying to learn how to become more fashionable, then make sure your wardrobe reflects that. The more time you put into learning about the elements of fashion, and how to apply them to your personality and lifestyle, the easier it will be for you to make a better sense of what looks good on you.

7. It’s all about confidence:

This is another one that doesn’t need much of an explanation. If you’re a person who knows they look good, there’s no reason why other people shouldn’t notice it too. They might not tell you that, but deep down they’ll know that you look good. Even if men don’t outwardly compliment a woman, she can still be confident in what she’s wearing – and that confidence will often make the difference between two women wearing the same outfit, only one gets compliments while the other feels ashamed of what they’re wearing.

8. Keep it classy:

Dressing classy is about knowing how to layer your clothes and having an understanding of what looks good together and what doesn’t (that’s just common sense). It’s about picking out a simple outfit and then making it pop with the right accessories. You can still be fashionable, while also looking like you take yourself seriously and that you’re a person of class. Even if your style is a little on the funky side, you can still choose to keep it classy, even if it’s just in subtle ways.

9. Don’t sacrifice comfort:

When summer ends and we’re forced to bundle up, we don’t want anything tight or restrictive around our waist or arms while we walk home from work. But wearing the wrong thing is a sure way to mess up your entire outfit. It would be like thinking you couldn’t wear an ugly pair of shoes because you know that they are ugly – then, when you get home, you can’t stand them anymore. 

The same goes for your clothes; don’t pick out clothes that aren’t comfortable – and some people might not even notice that, but those other people who get to see all the good and bad sides of your outfit will be able to tell and it’ll ruin the rest of what you’re wearing.

10. Don’t be afraid to make a statement:

It’s important to know what your style is like, but don’t be afraid to let it have a little flare. Be bold and use it as an opportunity to bring your personality to the surface. If you’re confident in what you’re wearing, and know that you look good in it, then there’s no need for you to shy away from anything. You can take risks when it comes to fashion and still look great, both on the inside and out.


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