Unfortunately, in this day and age, it seems like taxes are unavoidable. Between April 1st and April 18th, 2017 you filed your tax returns for 2017 like montana business tax express. The good news is that you hopefully will have received a refund from the government since you’ve been honest with your taxes . The bad news is that it can be difficult to forecast how much money the government will give back to you if they ever audit your return. They may ask for more information or issue more penalties on top of what they’ve already given back to you.

Luckily, there are plenty of agencies out there who are ready to help deal with any type of tax related issue including audits or penalties.

1. R & B Tax and Accounting Services

R & B Tax and Accounting Services  has been in business for more than 95 years. During this time, they’ve seen just about every tax related issue an individual can face. Their network of professional tax advisors include CPA’s, Enrolled Agents (tax experts), and Licensed IRS Attorneys at law who will ensure that you aren’t the victim of a government audit.

2. Finance Partners Group, LLC

Finance Partner Group, LLC  is another company that has been around since the 1920s. This company specializes in helping individuals with personal tax issues including form preparation, preparation for state return filings, and personal consultations to help maximize credits and deductions when doing your federal returns.

3. Lina Rosado, LLC

Lina Rosado, LLC  is a professional tax resolution service that helps people who are facing back taxes. The IRS imposes penalties for many different reasons including not filing your taxes on time, or being out of compliance with your state tax returns.

4. Rachel M . Kelly, PC

Rachel M . Kelly, PC  is another company that helps individuals handle their tax related issues including the preparation of all types of tax returns and representing clients in court against the IRS and state revenue departments. Their services also include resolving any pending issues with the IRS or state revenue department such as audits or notices.

5. Tax Resolution Services of America, Inc

Tax Resolution Services of America, Inc  is another company whose primary goal is to help people with their back taxes. They handle all types of tax related issues including Federal and State income tax, gift and estate taxes, payroll taxes, employment tax issues, and even IRS liens and levies.

6. Tax Pros For You LLC

Tax Pros For You LLC  is a professional tax service that offers assistance to people who are in need of representation during an audit with the IRS . They also help prepare tax returns for individuals and families who are disabled veterans.

7. Five Star Tax Services, Inc .

Five Star Tax Services, Inc .  is a professional tax service that has been in business since the 1930s. They handle all types of tax related issues including personal and corporate income taxes, estate and gift taxes, real estate taxes, sales tax handling and more.

Although these are just some of the companies who can help you with your back taxes , there are many more that you’ll find that can help you with your tax related issues. It’s important to become familiar with the various options you have so that you can make the right choice when it comes to getting help with your taxes.

If you are looking for a CPA or Enrolled Agent who can help prepare your federal tax returns, or handle other forms, then you need to visit TaxVance LLC . You will find an abundance of top quality professionals ready to assist the average individual with their tax related needs.

There are plenty of companies out there that claim to be able to help individuals handle all types of taxes including income taxes, estate and gift taxes, and payroll taxes. However, there are very few that actually have solid credentials and more importantly, a history as a respected member of the industry.

8. TaxVance LLC

TaxVance LLC  is a CPA firm that has been in business since 1996. Most, if not all of their tax help is offered free of charge to all those who qualify. Their services include preparing, filing and e-filing the following tax returns: 1) Federal Income Tax Returns 2) Federal Estate and Gift Tax Returns 3) Individual Wage/Salary Tax Returns 4) Corporate Income Tax Returns for Corporations 5) Personal Payroll Tax Returns 6) Filer Statement 7) Federal Unemployment Tax 8) Certain State and Local Sales Taxes 9) Various State Forms 10) E-file Property Tax 11) E-file Employer’s/Exempt Organizations (E./O.R.) Tax Returns 12) E-file State franchise, excise and use taxes 13) E-file Non-resident/General Sales Tax 14) Filing Certain Federal Unemployment Tax With the Internal Revenue Service 15) Filing Certain State Unemployment Tax With the Department of Labor

This is just a partial list of what they can do for you, so you should visit their website to see what else they offer. 


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