In many European countries, the media is competing to become more unbiased by not covering any controversial topics like dangal meaning. This can create a narrow-minded society and pigeonhole society into thinking that they are living in the “real” world while they are actually living in a different one. There is no bias or objectivity because people do not have anything that would cause them to view untruths in an untrustworthy light. 

There is also a lack of diversity within the media circles as well as on social media and blogging platforms which means that members of these circles cannot make informed decisions about their own opinions or feelings about certain topics due to popular opinion being forced upon them.

1. This “pigeonhole society” occurs when the media is trying to be unbiased and the in-depth investigation of a certain topic is not possible because it can cause controversy.  

2. In this scenario, one’s views are shaped by the media they frequently follow which means that people might think they have all the knowledge about a certain topic on their own but in reality, they’re just following popular opinion rather than forming their own ideas on it.

3. There is a lack of diversity within one’s social media circles as well as on mainstream news platforms which means that members of these circles cannot make informed decisions about their own opinions or feelings about certain topics due to popular opinion being forced upon them.  

4. People have very strongly-held views on certain controversial topics that they can’t possibly be unbiased about so they might think they’re right when in reality, they’re not.

5. People are missing out on the full truth of certain issues because their opinions are only based on what their society has been told about the topic, which means that certain things will only be seen as “facts” to them and so their opinions might not accurately reflect the fact that it’s complete BS.

6. People might think that because other people in their circles are talking about a certain topic and taking an opposing point of view that they are right, but they actually might not be. 

7. People will talk and act as if they have seen the whole “truth” when really all they’ve seen is what their society has been taught to them.  

8. In this scenario, people think that their society is “right” or in the right direction when really it’s not because it’s just following other people’s opinions on certain topics without even thinking about having its own point of view or opinion.

9. Society is being pigeonholed into one single theory or idea which means that the views of its people will differ when they do have a point of view on certain issues.

10. People are being taught to use certain terms or sayings even when they’re not true because there’s a widespread belief that it’s just “common sense” and this causes them to believe in certain ideas even though they’re completely false.

11. People might think that certain things are true when in actuality, it’s complete BS but because it’s something so widely accepted, they believe it and so, the idea becomes established as “fact”.

12. This does not only occur in other countries but also in the US as well which is because people are very quick to use accepted terms and sayings which can cause them to not question it or think about whether it’s true for themselves.  

13. There’s a lack of debate about certain issues and people just stop talking about them because other people are talking about them and this creates an established thought that they should stay quiet on the topic because no one else is going to talk about it anyhow.

14. This can cause people to fear speaking their minds on certain topics because they view established views as “right” and so if they have a different point of view, they think that it’s “wrong” and that they will be criticized for their opinion.  

15. There is no diversity in the media or blogosphere which means that people cannot learn about other sides or points of view or receive new perspectives on a certain topic because there’s only one way of looking at it in general.

16. People get into heated arguments only because they are told to trust one side more than another, so when something is said about the other side, it causes them to become defensive on behalf of their group rather than having an argument for real reason.

17. People believe one theory of a certain topic rather than seeing it from the other side and so, they never stop to think about whether or not what is believed to be true might actually be false.  

18. There are no longer any real debates on any controversial topics because people have been taught to only listen to one opinion and ignore the other which means that neither side is ever truly prepared for a debate because they’ve only listened to themselves speak all along.  


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