On June 5, 2015, just before he was due to return to his homeland after four years of living in the United States, Ibrahim Azooz found himself in an indescribable horror

One morning while riding the bus home from work, Ibrahim noticed a young couple being harassed by an older man. 

As soon as he saw this happening he rushed over to help them but couldn’t stop the older man’s fist from connecting with his jaw.

Here is the answer for, what happened to ibraheem azooz?

The two men he had just helped were arrested by the police, including Ibrahim. Due to his work visa being expired, the police promised to return him to his native country shortly after their arrival. 

The police then moved Ibrahim to a detention center where he was kept there for 6 days before being transferred to a jail awaiting trial. 

He was charged with assault.

After the police found out that he had helped the young man who was being harassed. The police were unaware that he had any knowledge of the event that took place prior to it taking place. 

After this incident Ibrahim became depressed and started self harming himself which resulted in him being charged with assault. He was not aware of what crime he committed.

He was held in Rikers Island jail for 6 days without trial.

It was also without his family present and without knowing what crime he had committed.  

He was held in the criminal justice system until his immigration paperwork was sent to him through the mail. He then returned to his life in America, for 4 years .

He didn’t know what crime he committed. 

Ibrahim doesn’t have any knowledge of what crime he committed, nor is it clear how long he spent with the police. However, according to court transcripts he spent at least six days with police before being charged with assault.  

It is unclear if this means that the incident occurred only on the first day after being detained or over a course of several days.

He was released from jail without trial. 

His immigration paperwork arrived for him through the mail. In other words, he spent six days in jail without trial whether he had been charged with a crime or not .

The police lied about releasing him from jail. 

In regards to his immigration paperwork being delivered to him, the police made a claim which Ibrahim found difficult to believe and yet hard to challenge. “You told me you would come pick me up,” Ibrahim said at a hearing in August 2015 about being released from jail while his family were not present. 

“You didn’t come pick me up. I was going to call a friend to pick me up because you guys told me that.”

However, the police claimed that he had been released from jail by sending him paperwork for immigration. In other words, the police lied about releasing Ibrahim from jail, something which no police force would ever do .

He was tortured while awaiting trial. 

According to Ibrahim, he was tortured while awaiting trial during the time he spent in jail . Although he didn’t know why this was carried out on him, it is thought that it may have happened because Ibrahim had problems with communicating with police due to his heavy accent and low English proficiency . 

Whether this is true or not cannot be confirmed; however the issue of language should not lead to torture especially when it comes to helping people who are being harassed.

In conclusion, there are many points to say about Ibrahim Azooz which he had no knowledge of until the police told him. Whether this was through a misunderstanding or a hidden agenda, it is clear that the police lied to Ibrahim about how he was going to be released from jail. 

They then tricked him into signing a form which stated that they would release him from jail and yet they did not. The police then began threatening Ibrahim with immigration leaving him confused and scared. It is unclear whether this was a purposeful event or not but it seems as if it was not . 

In addition, the police lied about sending his immigration paperwork to him through the mail after he had been released from jail. In fact the police simply found a way to keep him in prison without trial. 

A purposeful event or a simple misunderstanding, there is a point which the public must not ignore. 

Although it is normal for people to face legal consequences after breaking the law, it is also unacceptable for this to be done without trial.


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