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What do you think about when you leave work at night? Do you worry about whether or not the world will be safe if there are no police officers, firefighters, doctors and nurses? The thought of being alone in a dark night shift is scary to some people. But what causes these feelings of fear?

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And can they be changed by simply changing your perspective on things? This article discusses how our thoughts affect the way we feel and gives tips for overcoming this problem.


The night shift can be scary for many people. It is dark and you are completely alone, which forces your mind to fixate on all the worst-case scenarios that could happen. And this fear of being in a dark place at nighttime may not just come from work — it might also stem from personal fears like whether or not we will have enough money saved up for retirement or if our kids will find success after college.

In general, there is something about an empty space with nothing but darkness that makes us uneasy; even though humans have existed since prehistoric times without electricity, when it’s suddenly introduced into society, most adults experience unease because they don’t know how to live their lives differently than before (Young). In order


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