If you’re making a living selling gal coin yorum, you’re probably not in it for the money. If, on the other hand, you have a mental health issue and spend your time playing with coins in order to avoid thinking about how broken and sad your life is…you don’t need these signs to know whether or not you sell Gal coin for a living. These are just some signs that might actually apply to your business…heck, take them as warnings.

1. You think “Pump and Dumps” are a good way to make money.

Many people come into the exchange business thinking that they’re going to get rich by pumping and dumping a coin. The idea is that you buy up a bunch of coins right before you announce it’s going on an exchange, which causes most of the other people to buy in because they’re not going to be left behind and then you dump your holdings while everyone else is holding bags, often losing lots of money.

2. You spam chat like there’s no tomorrow.

No one likes spam chat, but if you sell Gal coin for a living, spamming is part of your job description…and you do it without even thinking. You’re probably going to get banned from pretty much every chat room, anyway; and you might even get kicked out of the slack channel.

3. You’re always trying to talk up how great something is…even when it’s not.

There are lots of things that can be improved on Gal coin , but if you’re trying to make a living by selling Gal coin, and you know about these things, chances are you’re not just going to keep them to yourself.

You might rationalize the idea that it’s easier for people to keep investing if they know there’s a chance for improvement and maybe even profits in the future.

4. You try to sell Gal coin to CoinMarketCap.

This one is pretty self-explanatory. If you’re trying to make a living selling Gal coin, it means that you have a weak enough belief in your ability to sell that you’re trying to get as much of your holdings listed on as many places as possible in order to boost your profit margin.

5. You use the “I’m selling” link on the website…even though you don’t want it listed there.

You might think that anyone who uses this link is going to be interested in investing, but most people just go here looking for the latest news and price talk…but if you’re trying to make a living by selling Gal coin, you’ll try to sell your coins even if you know it’s not going to end well.

6. You tell your friends that they should buy Gal coin…even though they don’t have any interest in it.

If your friends come to you with questions about coin speculation, why would you insist on telling them about how great Gal coins are all the time? It’s a lot like trying to date someone when you know they aren’t interested in dating…it just doesn’t work out too well.

7. You secretly hope for a crash so that prices will fall and people will want to buy more from you…at better prices.

You might think that you’re going to make a fortune by taking advantage of a “pump and dump” situation, but if you’re selling Gal coin for a living…you won’t do it.

8. You don’t understand what “exchange” means.

If you can buy Gal coin on the website…you probably have no idea what “exchange” means.

9. You’re constantly trying to convince people to invest in your wallet…even though it isn’t yours.

A lot of people assume that they’ll be able to sell their coins whenever they want and get their money out in the open market…but if you’re trying to make a living by selling Gal coin, this isn’t going to do you any good.

Some exchanges are going to be able to take your coins and sell them on the open market, but there’s no guarantee that the exchange is going to be able to pay out all of their customers whenever they want so it’s a bit of an addiction. If you’re trying to make a living by selling Gal coins…you won’t have time for this addiction anyway.

The only way you can make a living selling Gal coins is if people keep buying them…but if too many people are trying to sell, it doesn’t really matter how many people think that Gal coins will actually rise in value. When prices fall…


These are just some of the signs that you’re trying to sell Gal coins for a living. I could probably come up with about ten more, but I guess that would be too much effort…if you want to make a living by selling Gal coin, it just means that you shouldn’t invest in something like this.


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