The old ways of marketing are fast becoming irrelevant, with the internet and social media bringing new methods for getting your message out to customers back to work after vacation meme. The article will demonstrate how to phrase your marketing message in a way that will capture the attention of potential clients, covering topics such as content writing, press releases, finding influencers and more.

1. Be Social

Social media is crucial to building an intimate relationship with your potential customers, because it allows you to be in touch with them right there at the moment they need you. A blog where you regularly post interesting and informative content will allow you to build your following on a daily basis, ensuring that they are aware of what’s available when they need it.

2. Be Consistent

Consistency is already a key part of Business marketing strategy . The more often you come up against the prospect in person or online, the more likely it is that this person will reach out to you for your valuable offering or service.

3. Be Unique

A niche strategy is the best sort of strategy because it allows you to exert your brand name in a very specific way, targeting a specific market and specific audience. However, this tactic is only worthwhile if you can be unique. For example, being an organic vegetable supplier is unique, however selling organic vegetables in bulk might not be so unique. To establish uniqueness requires time and effort, but the payoff will be a loyal following that keeps coming back for more.

4. Be Relevant

Be Relevant doesn’t just mean offering relevant products or services; it also means that your marketing message will provide information in a manner which is both interesting and engaging for potential customers. However, to achieve this you’ll need a professional understanding of your audience, because “telling is thought communicating” is an outdated notion which has been replaced by the fact that “communication is thought telling”.

5. Be Positive

A positive attitude will allay the fears of potential customers, showing them that you have their interests at heart and that they can rely on your counsel. You are your own marketer, so keep this in mind when you are choosing what sort of messages you post to ensure that you are always presenting yourself in the most favourable light.

6. Be Influential

Influencers have a great deal of power when it comes to promoting a business or product. The fact that they have their own market already means that they are influencers in a very specific market and therefore have the ability to speak to the target audience on their behalf, advocating for your business as though it were their own.

7. Be Unique

Keep in mind that every potential customer is unique. Each person’s needs are different and therefore so is the way in which you must present yourself to them. Tailored messaging is essential to ensure that you’re always giving your customers what they want, because everyone’s needs are different and everyone has a unique lifestyle. This means that it isn’t about salesmanship but about engaging with customers on an emotional level so that you can make them feel valued as a person and as a customer. 8. Be Social

Every opportunity to interact with a potential customer is an opportunity to build rapport, so be social when interacting on social media and make sure that you always respond to questions and comments with courtesy and respect.

8. Be Interactive

Interactivity gives customers a sense of individualism that they won’t get anywhere else. The way in which you interact with them is up to you – in fact, it’s encouraged that you use your own personality as part of your marketing message. However, interaction doesn’t just mean interacting with the consumer – it also means allowing them to interact with each other if possible (as long as it’s relevant). This form of communication allows for more dialogues between customers about your business, generating greater engagement.

9. Be Appropriate

When you decide to engage with potential customers it is important that you keep a level head and don’t let your emotional investment get the better of you. Remember that your target audience is in a position to influence the way in which people think and therefore if possible it’s best to avoid controversy or conflict – instead, present yourself as a valuable resource for the community and let people know why they should put their trust in you.

10. Be Informative

A true marketer understands that being informative will lead to trust and authority within a customer base. Your customers will feel safe placing their trust in you because of your education and experience, providing them with an answer for everything about their specific market. This in turn makes you a trustworthy person and one that can provide them with valuable information about everything from finance to human relationships.

11. Be useful

This is the age of the internet, so it’s all about providing something of value for your customers. Give them what they want and in return they will give you access to their unique insights into the market which will allow you to develop your own strategies for a long-term, sustainable business marketing strategy.


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