Fordham Leadership Academy has a promising future. Fordham leadership academy was not always a school. It began as an idea, and in 2005, it became the first charter school in New York City. There are many reasons why students should attend FLCA instead of other places for higher education such as traditional universities and colleges. Fordham leadership academy is a college that prepares students who want to achieve their dreams and goals. The academy supplies students with all the necessary tools to accomplish their academics and provide them with a happy life. The academy is known to have a lot of resources available for students, such as teachers, staff, mentors, and volunteers.

Fordham Leadership Academy motto is “Preparing Students For Life.” This motto was made in the early months when a group of people joined together to create this school. Fordham Leadership Academy is not a typical school where the purpose of one’s education is simply to get a degree that employers will recognize. Rather, FLCA prepares students to be independent and well-rounded citizens in the present and in the future. FLCA teaches students how to be more than their academic grade point average. It teaches students how to apply themselves, help others, and make a difference in their community and global society.

Seven Trends In Fordham Leadership Academy To Learn :

1. “Achievement over Attendance”

Fordham Leadership Academy is not a physical school with desks and chairs. It provides an environment composed of academic, social, and emotional needs of the students. The academy prepares students to achieve in themselves and their community as well as in their future life. For this reason, FLCA students are referred to by the motto “Achievement over Attainment”. This motto suggests that the academy prepares students to actively seek their path not only in academics, but also in life.

2. “Diversity over Discrimination”

The academy believes that diversity is very important in preparing an individual to succeed in life. Diversity refers to the variety of backgrounds, races, religions, culture, language and/or intellect. Diversity is important at FLCA because everyone’s thoughts are welcomed and valued by the academy. Students can come from different places in the world such as China or Mexico and will be accepted with no discrimination. 

3. “Culture over Homogeneity”

Culture is the way that people act, the manner in which they find their own identity and social life, their values and beliefs. Fordham Leadership Academy teaches that diversity should be accepted into culture not only in terms of race or ethnicity but also for cultural differences such as gender, sexuality, nationality, language and religion. The academy does not think that culture should be homogeneous because value is important to persons; with this in mind, students will find what makes them unique in the academy.

4. “Integration over Division”

There are many differences that exist between different cultures and ethnicities. The academy will try to achieve this goal through investing in student education. The academy is trying to teach all students how to live together as a new era of intercultural communication and understanding; this, they hope, will allow the students to learn how to appreciate each other’s differences as well as their similarities.

5. “Cultivating Authenticity over Inauthenticity”

The academy believes that cultivating authenticity through an authentic learning environment, with an authentic curriculum, and an authentic program is important in building students’ self-confidence, character and independence. Authenticity is vital to the success of the school. The academy focuses on developing genuine relationships between students which will help them become productive members of society.

6. “Empowerment over Entitlement”

The academy values education as the primary means to achieve access to resources and opportunities. Fordham Leadership Academy is committed to creating a positive learning environment in which every student has confidence and the skills necessary to make choices that lead to empowerment and success in life. 

The academy wants students to be self-sufficient, yet respectful of one another’s needs. They want each student to be accountable for his or her decisions and actions. With this in mind, the school works hard at maintaining an environment that will help students build the character they need for their world careers.

7. “Teacher as Leader”

Teachers are leaders, and the academy believes that teachers can influence students to achieve goals and meet their own expectations. Teachers with a passion for Education will try to develop every students’ belief in themselves and their capabilities. 

They can help students achieve success in their goal through the development of specific skills, attributes, values and knowledge I order for the future. Fordham Leadership Academy believes that teachers can increase student’s ability to be successful by leading them down a path of personal growth by encouraging students to develop leadership skills.


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