Conan is an open-world survival game based on the stories of Conan the Barbarian written by Robert E. Howard. In Conan you play as a Hyborian tribesman, lost in a world torn apart by chaos and violence. 

You must survive in this world of brutal savagery, battle to become its champion, and take on the ultimate evil that lies within.

You’ll have to make use of any tools you can find or craft as well as your own cunning to take down your enemies whether human or beast.

There will be 7 areas in the game. Each of these areas will contain several smaller areas like for example a forest or a village which you can explore as you please. 

conan star metal

You are not necessarily required to explore all of the smaller areas but through exploration you can find valuable items or information about the world such as gold, weapons and armor or skills that will be needed to survive in this harsh world.

Here are some points discussed about How do you get star metal in Conan-

1. Getting Star Metal

Star metal is a necessary crafting material for making many items in Conan. You will come across this item in many locations. It is found in river areas and it glows once you get close to it. 

There are three different types of star metal: yellow, blue and purple. Each of the material have different uses but keep in mind that you will have to get at least one type of the specific type of star metal to craft something so if that’s not enough then you will have to craft more than one item.

2. Star Metal Locations

You will find star metal in locations like the ruins in the south and south-west, caves and caverns, areas that have an abundance of water and mountain tops. The best way to get this material is by looting dead bodies. 

Dead bodies have a high chance of being found in places where there are a lot of people since they are mostly killed by other humans. Star metal can also be found as you explore the map but chances are high that you will also come across other items that can be looted as well.

3. Crafting Items With Star Metal

Star metal is used to craft items such as the Hyrkanian Bow, Ornate Dagger and Battle Axe among others. The materials required to make each of these items are: Iron Bracelet and star metal. 

You can make a Battle Axe through 8 star metal and 4 iron bracelets. The Iron Bracelet requires 3 yellow star metal, 1 blue star metal and 1 purple star metal.

You can also craft items like an Iron Helmet or bracers using the same material. Once you have enough Star Metal, you will be able to craft items like the Battle Axe that is going to help you cut down enemies faster and other items that can be used as armor for protection during combat. 

In total, there are 14 different weapons that you can craft using this material so keep in mind that it is one of the most important crafting materials in Conan.

4. Star Metal Locations

Star metal can be found in most areas in the game but since it is so rare, you might have to spend a lot of time looting for it. The two places that contain a lot of star metal are the ruins and the southern forests.

You can loot the dead bodies of humans and beasts to get star metal materials. You will also find them while exploring in some areas but keep in mind that they are quite rare so you might have to spend a lot of time looting them.

The star metal can be found in areas like the ruins, caves and the forests by looting bodies of dead humans or beasts and some other locations. 

You can also find it while exploring some of the areas so make sure that you explore some of them as well because they contain a lot of star metals.

5. How To Make Weapons Out Of Star Metal

You can craft weapons with Star Metal. 

You will usually find them in areas like caves and campsites so you might have to spend a long time looking for them before finding one. You will need three spaces out of the seven areas mentioned above to craft an item out of star metal materials.

6. How To Find Star Metal In Conan Exiles

You can find Star Metal in different areas and resource spots like in caves or by killing enemies or simply while exploring the map.


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