What is Fashion Week without Fashion Industry Insiders giving their best tips for hiring? These insiders have a combined 10+ years of experience working in the fashion industry and they’re revealing all. Read on to find out what Fashion Industry Insiders Reveal Their Best Tips for Hiring!

Here are the Fashion Industry Insiders best tips for hiring:

  • Get your employees involved in recruiting. They will know who would be a good fit, or if someone is not working out as well as they thought.
  • Don’t hire friends and family members of current employees unless you want to deal with drama. If there isn’t enough work outside of what everyone already does, then it’s time to look elsewhere for help!
  • Keep an open mind about different ways people can contribute their skill sets . People might think differently than others on how they should handle certain situations. But that doesn’t mean these new perspectives aren’t valuable too!
  • Be upfront about expectations. Give examples of things you admire from other companies so your working environment can mirror them.
  • Don’t be afraid to change your mind about someone you thought was a good fit if they are not an ideal candidate for the position. This is especially true when there are other employees who could benefit from this opportunity. Instead of the person you originally wanted to hire.
  • This will keep everyone happy and productive at work! You want people that feel appreciated because then their performance levels increase exponentially . It’s important that each individual feels valued in order for them to truly enjoy what it is they do here on a day-to-day basis.
  • You always want people around who love what they do . When passion meets productivity, it makes all the difference in how effective your company runs while still having fun!

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Don’t Just Look at Experience

Look At Interests and Skills As Well. Experience helps you know what they’ve done before and how well they did it. Interests tell you where their passion lies (and if its right for your company), and skills determine whether or not they can do what needs doing now.

Don’t Be Afraid To Collaborate

Fashion Weeks are a Great Opportunity for People to Work Together and Learn from Each Other. When you’re working with people who have different talents, backgrounds, or skills that come together in a way you hadn’t thought about before-it creates something new.

Tip #1:

Fashion Industry insiders are the best people to ask about style. If you’re looking to hire someone with an eye for fashion, then these professionals have what you need. Start by asking your network who they know that works within this industry; everyone has a friend or connection somewhere in their professional circles. You can also check out Fashion Institute programs and other similar institutions as well as any apprenticeship opportunities available locally.

Tip #2:

So many customers come into our stores wanting different items. But not knowing how it will look on them or fit together with other pieces in their wardrobe. Because it’s all so new! One of my favorite tips I use is to ask the customer what their favorite color is. Most will say black or grey. But it’s rare for someone not to have another hue that they feel looks good on them. If you’re looking for some guidance about which colors look best on you. I suggest Fashion Industry insiders like Fashion Stylists and Personal Stylers who can give advice about putting together an outfit with complementary hues in mind based off of your skin tone and hair color!

Tip #3:

One of my first jobs was as a Fashion Merchandise Coordinator at one of the largest department stores in New York City. It was exciting working there especially. Because many famous designers had boutiques within our location selling coveted pieces from their latest along with other popular items. Fashion Industry insiders have a wide range of experience within the industry. It’s even possible to find someone who used to work as an editor for a major fashion magazine.

Tip #4:

Fashion Marketing Specialists within this field understand all of their client’s needs. They’re able to communicate with Fashion Brand Representatives about what each company wants from current displays or catalogs. While working directly with Fashion Designers when it comes time to make any necessary alterations before putting items up on display. Fashion Marketing Specialists also organize fashion shows whether they be local events held at boutiques or full scale production runway shows held during Fashion Week in New York City every February/March where celebrities come out to support Fashion Designers and their new lines!

Tip #5:

A Fashion Stylist works closely with Fashion Industry insiders like Fashion Photographers, Fashion Designers and Fashion Models to learn about what’s trending that particular season. They then go shopping for clients to find clothing within those parameters before returning back to show them everything they found during a consultation. Clients leave feeling confident because any time you purchase something outside of your budget it can be stressful wondering if it will work or not but when you trust someone else who knows the market so well as a Fashion Stylist has every single one of those concerns alleviated because they’ve already done all the legwork beforehand!


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