Car marketing is a very important aspect of car sales. It’s one thing to have a great product. But you also need people to know about it and how they can get their hands on it. This guide will be focused on the different types of marketing that are available for your business, as well as what makes them effective. In this post Actknw will discuss everything from radio advertising to word-of-mouth marketing and everything in between! By the end of this guide, you should have a good understanding of all the options that are available when considering car marketing strategies.

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  • Make sure your business is set up properly with an effective website and social media profiles
  • Before deciding on any type of car marketing strategy research should be done to see. It works best based off of data collected from previous efforts (i.e online, billboards)
  • Once you have found a good fit it’s important not only to understand the basics. But also when best to apply it so there are no missed opportunities
  • Research can be done in just about any area of marketing. But when it comes to car sales there are some specific tools that you need to consider.

Website with sufficient information

The first is your website. It should have all the information a customer will need before they even step foot into the dealership. It needs an easy way for people to contact you and should give them as much information as possible. So they know what kind of car or truck might work best for them and their lifestyle. An effective site has pictures/videos of vehicles on display and gives plenty of details such as fuel efficiency ratings, length and overall size (including dimensions), engine sizes etc. You’ll also want links where customers can find out more about financing options, warranties etc. On top of all of this, you want to make sure that your site is mobile friendly so people can check it out on their phones.

Social media

A strong social media presence is also important for marketing purposes. The first place companies usually start with these accounts are Facebook and Twitter but other options like Snapchat or Instagram should be considered as well depending on who your target market is (and where they spend the most time). An effective account will post regularly about things going on at the car lot, news updates related to upcoming models/body styles etc.

You’ll also need a way to easily communicate with followers either through direct messaging or commenting back when someone leaves feedback. It’s probably best not to use personal profiles for business purposes. Because customers don’t really care what you had for lunch, the music you’re listening to or what your cat is doing. An account focused specifically on business will likely have a better response rate and overall engagement with customers.

Billboards/signs near major highways

Another effective tool that can be used for marketing purposes are billboards/signs near major highways and intersections around town. The goal here isn’t necessarily getting people into the dealership. But letting them know where you’re located so they feel confident about stopping by when they need a new vehicle. Some companies work with advertising agencies to place these types of ads while others take care of it themselves (or hire someone from their team). Either way, keep in mind how often certain areas get traffic as well as which direction those cars may be headed. So there’s no confusion if potential buyers try to find you. An effective sign will have your company logo, a catchy phrase or word that represents the business and some contact information/website link for people to get more info. So they know what kind of vehicles are available when they stop by.

Host local events

Sometimes it’s also beneficial to do something off the beaten path with car marketing strategies. So customers don’t feel like they’re being bombarded all the time with ads on TV, radio etc. An example here could be hosting local events in different areas around town where people can come out & test drive new models before deciding if it’s right for them. This gets them excited about coming back later down the line. It should increase sales as well because these potential buyers will likely tell someone else how fun this event was. An event like this can also be used as a way to get people’s contact information. So you have more ways of reaching out & building relationships with them later on. It is always key for any business owner no matter how big or small the team may be.

Offer incentives to potential buyers

Another thing that makes car marketing effective in some areas is offering incentives to potential buyers when they come into the dealership such as free oil changes if they buy within x amount of time/mileage etc. This idea leads us back to researching your area. Because although it might work great in one location. Another spot down the street could see less activity from these types of ads and rely more heavily on local events instead. Overall, companies need different strategies depending on their target market. So each plan has to be unique & specifically designed for their needs. An all-inclusive guide is hard to come by. Because every company is different but hopefully this post can serve as a starting point so you have some pointers moving forward with car marketing


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