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It’s no surprise that people have had a lot on their plates over the last few years. As they return to their daily lives, their schedules are quickly filling up with important appointments. This return to a sense of normalcy can make it difficult for your clients to keep track, resulting in missed appointments. Paper calendars, calendar notifications, and setting alarms on phones can only help us so much. 

What if there was a way for a business to automate important notifications about upcoming appointments? Investing in reminder calls is a great solution for automating appointment reminders for your clients or patients. With three different ways you can reach your customer base, they’ll never have a missed appointment again.

How can you use a reminder call for your clients?

An automated reminder call allows you to convey needed detailed information to your client without having to find a time that suits you both for a phone call. For example, a patient may have a detailed list of instructions they need to be reminded of before an upcoming procedure. In this case, a reminder call would be the best course of action.

Automating this entire process means less time spent on the phone for both you and your client. This means not only valuable time savings for you, but gives you the freedom to focus on working with your clients for an even better experience. To make it even easier, you can create a custom repository of pre-recorded files like confirmation or cancellation requests. You can even set up a triggered reminder call after a failed text message so clients won’t miss vital information.

Text reminders can make doing business even easier 

Text reminders are also a great way to quickly notify your client of important information like an upcoming appointment. These can be automated and customized to suit your business. They can be scheduled at certain times and feature any details you need to convey. In addition, clients can respond via text to confirm appointments, update information, and much more. These responses can be set up to trigger a notification for you so you have full visibility into all updates.

Don’t forget about the benefits of email reminders!

Email is also a great way to offer detailed information in an easily referenceable format. Like a reminder call and text reminders, email reminders can be scheduled out. They can also include customizable branding and clear calls to action. This will ensure clients are able to always find the information they need while giving you full control of the email experience. 

Invest in a Reminder System Today

These three easy ways to remind your clients of important information ensure no client should ever miss their appointment again. This means less frustration and managing scheduling through manual processes for you. Automated reminder calls, text messages, and emails mean you spend less time worrying about these issues and more time doing what’s important – working with your clients and growing your business.

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