Python Developer

Every year Python is at the top of the list of the most in-demand programming languages.

Who are python developers, and what do they do?

Python-developer creates programs, games, and websites. Python developer is engaged in technical support and further development of the finished product.  

Here are the areas in which this language is used:

Machine learning. The language is actively used in machine learning due to its simplicity, many libraries, frameworks, and data processing performance. Different CRM systems for companies and search engines like Yandex are written in Python.

Artificial intelligence. This is another popular area of ​​work for python developers. 

Working with big data. Data scientists often use Python. The language has several powerful and efficient libraries that programmers can use to create the visualization, analysis, and forecasting.

Web development. 

Game development. Python is used in game development. One of the most popular games in the world, The Sims, was written in Python.  

Mobile and desktop development

Python is not difficult to learn in a few months, so it is suitable for beginners. And most importantly, you can create anything on it: from a small application to artificial intelligence.

How to begin?

Even though Python is an easy-to-learn programming language, it will take some time to understand it. Start with theory and gradually move on to practice.

Step 1: Learn the syntax. The language’s syntax is simple – if you know English, you can quickly figure it out. The first step is to learn the basics of Python. You need to read specialized literature, watch videos and read the information on official websites with documentation.

Step 2: Set up your development environment. Programmers use IDE (Integrated Drive Electronics) for these purposes – an integrated development environment. These are programs in which the developer writes the code, and they highlight and correct errors, give hints. One of the most popular programs for Python development is PyCharm.

Step 3: Practice. At the beginning of the path, you read different tasks, find patterns, and imitate them. Practice makes perfect.

How long does it take to become a python developer?

To become a Python developer, you can study at a university, attend courses, or study by yourself. The time that you spend on training depends on you. Higher education is for you if you have a financial opportunity and a few years and are eager to learn programming fundamentals. 

Higher education. The university helps to structure knowledge and get a complete overview of the profession. Another advantage is that there are a lot of foreign internships. On the one hand, higher education is a very nice opportunity because you will get a diploma, on the other hand, it is difficult because it requires a lot of free time (more than three years) and a big sum of money.

Online courses. The most popular way to master a new profession today without leaving your home. Even in short courses, you will receive relevant and useful knowledge for work. Courses last from two months to a year as usual.

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