I have been DOWNSHIFTING for about three years now. So I’ve come to learn that DOWNSHIFTING is not the answer like 5e lifestyle expenses. Actually, it never was a good option for me because I hate it and it makes me feel worse about myself. So in short, if you are struggling with depression or mental health issues and you have been DOWNSHIFTING your life, please stop! Sometimes the best thing we can do is try out some new things no matter how hard they might seem at first. It will be worth it in the end!


Let me start with why I DOWNSHIFTED in the first place. The reason why I’ve been DOWNSHIFTING was because I was just so unhappy. And every time I started to feel good about myself again, it would fade away quickly and always leave me depressed and feeling worse than when I started. So for a long time, my depression messed with my head so much that it started to become like a game too. It used to be an internal competition of “see how many times you can go down before you feel better again” While sleeping was obviously the worst part of this game, but that is how it felt at least.


Downshifting was not the answer for me because it made me more unhappy in the long run. Obviously, you can feel stressed out when you are trying to downshift. The problem with this is that you eventually end up feeling worse even after your stress goes away. So I was just making myself miserable before, and I’d have to do it all over again. It was a never-ending cycle of going down and then feeling bad when I was up again. And this is why I had to stop DOWNSHIFTING!


I had to stop DOWNSHIFTING because it made me feel worse about myself. I’m not saying that sometimes there is a reason for going down as opposed to going up. For me, I never felt like I was at my lowest when I was downshifting but rather when I was motivated and focused on my life. And this is the main problem with going down: You will always feel worse than you did before you started instead of actually having a reason to be down in the first place!

4. How to Effectively DOWNSHIFT

I’ve been downshifting for almost three years (I started when I was 19-20) and it’s the thing I hate the most. So, in order to effectively downshift or not, you have to do the opposite of what you feel like doing. If you feel like needing to go up, then don’t! You have to be inspired and motivated with your life and work towards meeting your goals. These are always worth fighting for no matter how difficult they may seem at times.

5. HOWEVER, There is a way to effectively DOWNSHIFT and it’s called not-going-down. 

You just focus on going up instead and when it eventually comes, you know that you will be fine again.So downshifting did not work for me because I was always focused on going down instead of starting to feel better and then improving my life when I was already up.

6. How to go up when you feel down

If you still don’t understand how to effectively go up when you are feeling down and depressed, then read my previous posts 

So if you are feeling depressed, try to focus on doing something new. No matter how small it may seem, it’s worth a shot. I know that this might be the last thing you want to do, but it will help you in the long run! I have said this many times before but it is true: Our lives only get harder so we can appreciate the good things that come later on.

7. So, if you are thinking about downshifting your life or just starting to, DON’T!

You will feel worse about yourself later and it’s not worth it. So don’t do it! You will thank me for this one day or maybe even now since you are reading this article. If you are not depressed now but want to prevent becoming depressed in the future, then don’t DOWNSHIFT! Just work on your life and meet your goals instead and you won’t be so depressed at all.

But I have to say that I feel so much better now because I have started feeling good more often than when I was downshifting too much before.


So here’s what I think about DOWN-shifting:

Life is all about going UP and DOWNSHIFTING is not an option for me.

I’ll stop DOWNSHIFTING because it makes me feel worse about myself!

I want to be able to start feeling better when I’m down, instead of starting from scratch when I go up again. So if you are struggling with depression or mental health issues, please don’t DOWNSHIFT!!! It will never work out for you in the end! You will always end up feeling worse than before or even start all over again when you go back up again.


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