An active lifestyle includes exercise that strengthens your bones, joints, and muscles. This article provides an overview of different activities to consider doing on a daily basis.

Here is the answer for, where would the following activity best fit on the physical activity pyramid?

Golf is an excellent physical activity for those looking to improve their health and meet personal targets. It’s also something you can enjoy with friends or family. Golf uses both upper and lower body muscles at the same time throughout the game. 

For example, golfers will use their legs, core, shoulders, arms and hands throughout the game which all work together in harmony.

The following workout would best fit at the bottom of the physical activity pyramid.


 In a recent study, sit-ups were shown to improve core strength and increase abdominal muscle endurance. This exercise can be performed by lying down on your back and raising your torso off the ground while bending at the waist. 

I often tell my clients that they should feel a tightness in their stomach muscles after completing a set of sit-ups. 

However, keep in mind that they should not feel muscle burn or pain during the exercise. The sit-up can also be done from a side-lying position on the floor.

2.Yoga Lunges.

Yoga lunges are a great lower body exercise as they help improve knee stabilization as well as hip and ankle flexibility. These exercises help to reduce lower back pain and strengthen hips, thighs, and ankles. 

You can do yoga lunges standing with your feet wide apart or on a step up bench that has been flipped upright. I find that my clients can perform these better on a step up bench because they have a more stable base on which to land their feet during the exercise .


Plyometric exercises improve overall athleticism and explosiveness, and they can be done by running, jumping, and/or throwing. Hopscotch is one of my favorite plyometric exercises. 

I interrupt my hockey sessions with hopscotch to give the players a quick burst of energy and it does wonders for their focus and energy level . 

Plyometrics can also be done with medicine balls by using different movements such as overhead throws against the wall to target the arms, overhand throws against a stationary wall to target the shoulders, or open hand throws against a wall to target the core muscles .

4.Stair Stepper.

The stair stepper is great for the cardiovascular system and also helps increase muscle endurance in the legs. It can be used in conjunction with rowing machines, rowing ergometers, and stationary bikes to help improve overall athletic performance.

5.Bike Riding

Bike riding is a low intensity form of exercise that is great for building up leg muscles and improving cardiovascular health. It also provides a great outlet for stress and frustration . Biking with friends and family is a fun way to spend time together outside while getting in better shape at the same time!


Stretching is a great way to increase flexibility and to decrease the risk of injury. There are many different types of stretches that can be performed including the basic stretches such as hamstring stretches, calf stretches, back exercises, and flexibility exercises .


Swimming improves strength in the arms and legs as well as cardiovascular health by exercising the large muscles of the legs while also using muscle groups from the lower body . 

There are many different forms of swimming including open water swimming, speed swims, laps swims, and kicking drills . Swimming will help lower your resting heart rate if you add a heart rate monitor or watch while you swim.

8.Examples of other types of exercise.

Aerobics, a form of exercise that burns calories and improves cardiovascular fitness, has been shown to help improve mood and sleep quality. This exercise can be performed by walking, jogging, running, or using a treadmill . 

Aerobic activities can also be done with heart rate monitors by using their preset programs or manually adjusting the intensity level to your liking . 

Examples of other types of aerobic activities include: basketball, cycling, tennis, track & field events such as shotput & javelin throwing events , jumping rope , and various martial arts .

9.Examples of Endurance Exercises.

Endurance exercises include long-distance running or a marathon. Runners should be aware that it is important to rest before and after a run for at least one day in between runs . 

Frozen shoulders, an injury that occurs when the shoulder is too tight and the surrounding muscles become stiffened in order to hold in place the scapula bone and other shoulder joints, can be prevented by strengthening the supporting muscles in the arms and in particular, tightening up the upper back . 

While running, runners should focus on proper form while not over-straining their legs or hips by leaning forward or backward. 

10.Examples of High Intensity Exercises.

High-intensity exercises include long bouts of sprinting, interval training, and plyometrics .

Interval training involves alternating periods of intense exercise with recovery periods between them, for example by running the interval on the treadmill for 10 minutes, walking for 30 seconds, then running again for 10 minutes. 

During this series of intervals there are often 3 types of exercises that are done in turn: slow jogging or walking followed by a rapid burst of speed or sprint followed by slow jogging or walking. This type of exercise is known as high intensity training.


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