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What is estar contigo job gonzalez lyrics?

Estar contigo job gonzalez lyrics is a verb that means “to be with”. Contigo is the Spanish word for “with you”, and job is something used by many people to help them form verbs. So estar contigo job gonzalez lyrics means something like, “To be with you, to be with your job.”

What does this mean?

In English, we could also say to be or to spend time with someone. For example, we might say I spent two hours at the mall or You were by yourself at a party. This can also imply intimacy; it’s not always about spending time together in person on a daily basis. But the expression estar contigo job gonzalez lyrics emphasizes that spending time together is not just a physical thing. It’s also a mental and emotional thing. This implies that the person has been there for you in the past, and is present with you now. They’re there because they care about you.

The word job can also be used to mean career or vocation, or to talk about one’s life in general. So being with someone else can be a career (like being a firefighter) or it can be an experience that frames your life as a whole (like being in prison).


This can be used to mean an emotional connection with a group of people, or to emphasize your feelings toward someone special. You might say it in English as well; you’ll just have to change the structure a little. For example, you could say I’m really with you or You’re right there with me on this. But the Spanish form stresses the emotional and mental aspects of the relationship more strongly than English does. It’s an expression that emphasizes the value of a connection more than the amount of time you spend together.


You can use this expression in Spanish to talk about people who are close to you and who have been in your life for a long time. You might say that something is “with you” in this case. For example, you could say Estar contigo job gonzalez lyrics could mean, “My therapist has been with me from the beginning.” Or it could mean, “My son’s teacher stays close to me during parent-teacher meetings.” The idea is that she has been there for you along your journey through life, and is still there at its end.


The most important feature of this expression is that it emphasizes the emotional nature of a relationship. The combination of “estar contigo job gonzalez lyrics” and “you” can be used even without saying en to form the verb estar. For example, you could ask, Está contigo? Job Gonzalez’s lyrics means, “Are you with me?” But en could be added as well; you could say, Está contigo niño niña job gonzalez lyrics or Ella está conmigo job gonzalez lyrics . These expressions can be used quickly, but they also have a lot of emotion behind them. They’re a way of saying that a connection with someone is special, and that you don’t want to lose it.


This expression doesn’t have to be used with just people. It can be used in any context that makes sense, as long as there’s a strong connection between two things or two people. For example, you could say El dios job gonzalez lyrics or “The big boss”. In this case, it would mean that the big boss is someone who has been in your life for a long time and who is always there for you.

It also emphasizes the intimacy of a connection. This might make your relationship seem more serious than other relationships, but it can also make it more special. You might say, Estoy contigo job gonzalez lyrics as a way of saying that you wouldn’t ever want to be without your partner. The way you use this expression can emphasize these feelings even more.


One of the problems with this expression is that it uses an impersonal verb. That means there’s no direct object, so “estar contigo job gonzalez lyrics” has no direct object at all. This means that there’s no person for the verb to be about or for “estar contigo job gonzalez lyrics” to represent; everything is up for grabs.

This expression also encourages a certain level of detachment. The English forms of this expression can use the words “you” or “I”, but they all end with “with”. This can make them sound more casual or friendly, but it also makes them sound less personal.

The main thing to watch out for is that this expression implies that you’re not with yourself. In English, we tend to say I’m being ironic when we’re not literal about this type of thing. But in Spanish, you have to be careful about how much you’re trying to be ironic – and how much distance you want to put between yourself and who is saying the expression.


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