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Intel PROSet Wireless is a companion device designed for people who are blind or visually impaired and use an Intel-based computer. 

It connects the built-in Wi-Fi card on your computer and transmits its signal to an external receiver, which can be in either headphones or a speaker. 

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The device also allows you to hear through the receiver using something called bone conduction, which means that sound vibrations are felt through your cheekbones as opposed to heard through your ears, according to CESA Technology Review.  

This means that users of the Intel PROSet Wireless can still enjoy their music without being distracted by hearing it coming out of their headphones/speakers.

1. What’s the benefit of using Intel PROSet Wireless?

This companion device accesses the internet through your computer. It then allows you to stream sounds and visuals through it if you do not have the ability to hear or see. 

According to CESA Technology Review, this is a great alternative for people who are blind and have impaired vision, as they can still use their computer despite not having sight.  

It also allows people who need assistance with using technology due to being blind and visually impaired (like me) to continue using technology that we would otherwise be unable to without this device.  It is also useful for kids that currently have impaired vision who don’t function well with a traditional computer. 

2. Is Intel PROSet Wireless compatible with all computers?

Intel states on its website that the companion device is compatible with almost any PC running Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 8.1; and Macs running OS X 10.4 (Tiger), 10.5 (Leopard) or higher.  At the time of this article, Intel states that the device is compatible with over 70% of mainstream PCs.  However, this is only true for computers that are running Windows XP or higher.  

For computers running Windows Vista and Windows 7, there have been reports stating that some of these computers won’t work with the Intel PROSet Wireless as it doesn’t come with drivers from Intel’s website.

3. Is Intel PROSet Wireless secure?

According to CESA Technology Review, security is a major concern for people who use the device.  Since the device is a transmitting transmitter, it is worried that the security of the data being sent to and from your computer may be compromised.  

Security concerns are a valid issue, as users do not want their information going to a third party.  However, CESA Technology Review has commented that this isn’t an issue as long as you are using an encrypted network. 

4. How does Intel PROSet Wireless connect?

Intel PROSet Wireless connects through a USB port on your computer. It comes with its own dongle so you don’t have to use one from your computer to plug into the USB port. It comes with a built-in FM radio, so you don’t have to worry about purchasing one in order to stream your favorite music and visuals.

5. Is Intel PROSet Wireless wireless?

Since the device communicates through a USB port as opposed to through Wi-Fi, it is not considered wireless.  Intel has also made it so that you can connect both devices to other devices together through the USB port, which makes it even more convenient for people who are blind or visually impaired.  

This means that you can connect your PROSet Wireless directly to your TV through the USB port and then hear and see everything that is on the screen using your headphones or speakers.

6. Can I use my keyboard and mouse with the Intel PROSet Wireless?

According to CESA Technology Review, the only way to use a keyboard or mouse with the Intel PROSet Wireless is through a custom device.  The only device that works with this device was created by CESA Technology Review.  

Since the invention is patented, it can only be manufactured by CESA Technology Review according to U.S. Patent 12/408,880 titled “Solution for Hearing and Seeing With Audio and Visual Output”. 

7. What’s the difference between the Intel PROSet Wireless and other similar devices?

Other similar devices that are currently on the market are listed in CESA Technology Review’s Invention called “Solution for Hearing and Seeing With Audio and Visual Output”. 

According to CESA, these devices don’t do an adequate job of amplifying sound.  

They also provide a subpar experience with streaming visual media from your computer.  Finally, these other devices on the market only connect to one device at a time through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. 

The Intel PROSet Wireless allows you to connect multiple devices simultaneously through a USB port, as mentioned above.


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