Body Jewelry

Earrings and necklaces have been in existence for a long time now. They were discovered in the remains of many lost cities, proving that people have loved jewelry for a long time. While necklaces were peak fashion back then, the times have evolved.

One thing which has become quite a fashion statement now is body jewelry. If you haven’t heard of it, sit still because we will update you on all about it.

Body jewelry is similar to your classic jewelry pieces; however, it is worn in places other than those you are commonly used to seeing jewelry. With long body chains and some belly button rings making a trend, the statement of fashion has changed a lot when it comes to jewelry.

So if you are like body jewelry but don’t know how to style them or have some pieces, you have forgotten about them. Then we are here to help you with your problem.

We have gathered a bunch of body jewelry and ways you can style them with your outfits and stand out in the crowd.

Styling Body Jewelry with your Outfits:

Body pieces of jewelry come in various forms, with artificial and gold body jewelry followed by some silver ones as well. However, different types and shapes of body jewelry go well with different outfits.

Playing with different shapes, lengths and textures of body jewelry will not only elevate your outfit but will work together to make you stand out in the crowd.

So if you want to learn some basic tricks at hand that will help you style your body jewelry and make your outfits look even more impressive, this article is for you.

  • Body Chains:

While we all are used to wearing some pretty chains around our neck, ever thought of styling one around your body? Body chains have become quite a fashion trend, and people can wear them on many different outfits.

However, its styling majorly depends on the outfit you are wearing. So be sure to style it right.

If you wear a shimmering shirt or some dress to a party or concert, a body chain will work well. Make sure your dress is a little sheer so that your subtle chain can pop through. Not only will it be noticeable then, but it will make your outfit stand out as well.

Moreover, some beach outfit inspiration holds a bolder body chain when it comes to styling. When going to the shore, make sure to style one with a swim top or shorts that you wear. It will work pretty great for elevating your pictures by the water for sure. 

  • Belly Button Rings:

While not everyone is a fan of belly button piercing, many love them. Belly Buttons rings come in various shapes and sizes and elevate your outfit and your styling by ten folds. Belly Buttons rings are available in gold too, so, if you are interested, explore 14K gold belly button rings online.

Generally worn on crop tops, swimsuits or simply dresses that reveal your belly button, this piece of jewelry works wonders in making you and your outfit look amazing. However, you must play around with various types and sizes of belly button rings until you understand your style or the fact what pieces go well with which outfits. It’s the game of understanding and testing, in the end.

  • Barbells:

Barbells come in various shapes like curved and straight. These jewelry pieces are more on the latest version of fashion and were launched a few years back only. These pieces have been in fashion for some time and go well with various outfits. 

This jewelry is named barbell after the huge weights or ‘barbells’ you find in the gym due to how it looks.

It goes well with various outfits, and hence you can wear it on anything you like.

  • Tongue jewelry:

While it may look very painful to some, people love getting their tongues pierced. There are a variety of rings that are available for pierced tongues. If you are more into some gothic looks or have a bold taste in jewelry, you should definitely try out some of these pieces.

While this piece of jewelry goes particularly well with gothic or emo looks, it can go well with various outfits. So if you have a tongue piercing or planning to get one, then wear those tongue jewels with utmost confidence.

  • Earrings:

This particular piece of jewelry has been in existence and fashion for a long time. It comes in many forms and sizes, with chunky and delicate earrings making some statement for a long time.

However, choosing the earrings in accordance with your outfit is very important. If you wear a plain outfit, some heavy earrings will elevate your outfit, while some delicate earrings or studs will go well with heavier outfits.

  • Septum and Nose Jewelry: 

Septum and nose jewelry is one of the favored jewelry that many women and men worldwide like to wear. 

People usually get side nose piercings and like to wear rings and studs on them. The rings and studs are pretty trendy and go well with various outfits like dresses, shirts, and whatever you are wearing; these nose and septum jewelry can perfectly go with the look. Hence, one of the most popular body jewelry is nose and septum jewelry. 


Over the years, the concept of jewelry has evolved as well. There are a variety of jewels available for many different body parts. Not only do these jewels elevate your outfit, but they also make you stand out in the crowd.

If you were hesitant about trying these different body jewelry or couldn’t understand which outfits they would go well with, we hope we were of some help to you.

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