Lissandra’s ultimate, Frozen Tomb, is a powerful but finicky ability. The animation of the ability can result in a lot of lag, and sometimes it’s difficult to land the skill. 

Here is the answer for, lissandra ult cleanse?

In this article, I’ll be going over some common ways to make sure you can get your ultimate off without too much trouble.

Sometimes when I’m playing League of Legends, champions with utility skills like Lissandra’s Frozen Tomb or Viktor’s Death Ray cause me a lot of problems for various reasons. 

However, there are some more ways to clean your lissandra ult-

Clean your lissandra ult with your own abilities

Lissandra’s ultimate has a wide variety of ways to clean it. First off, there’s the freeze yourself portion of the skill . Simply click on yourself and hold down E (or use an ability if you’re already in range). 

With enough practice, this is one of the best tools at your disposal to clean up your Frozen Tomb. You can even clean up a messy animation and get another activation out of the window by simply waiting for the animation to finish and clicking again. 

It’s important to note that if you do not have an ability ready, you will not be able to activate Frozen Tomb immediately after clicking unless you’ve used something else first as part of that same click.

Clean your lissandra ult with a teammate’s abilities

One way to clean your lissandra ult is to have a teammate activate it for you. This can be as simple as using a stun from something like Janna’s Monsoon or Sona’s Crescendo. 

By using this ability, your Frozen Tomb gets cleaned up and you’re free to save the activation for another time. If you plan on saving the ability for another moment, try to look at who else will be nearby when you click. 

Also remember that if the ability wasn’t used by someone else, you won’t be able to use it yourself until after a little delay.

Can be cleaned with a minion

You can also use a minion to clean up your ultimate. This works most easily with a minion who is either flying or standing on a hill, but it’s also possible to use a grounded minion with some practice. 

Try standing next to a minion and clicking on the enemy champion with Q, A, or W a couple of times. Then click on the ultimate icon while holding down E (or an ability if you’re already in range). 

If you manage to click on the minions who are flying or standing on hills without losing them, this works toward cleaning up your ultimate animation, allowing you to reactivate Frozen Tomb quickly after casting it .

By Using the terrain

As I mentioned before, sometimes your Frozen Tomb can get caught by terrain. By using the terrain to clean up your ultimate, you can use any number of tools that will help to clear the animation. 

This includes throwing a skill shot (depending on what skill shot is available to you), chipping your opponent’s health with auto attack damage, or simply utilizing other abilities that might allow for an active cleanse (such as Cleanse or Cleanse and Exhaust). 

However, remember that the ability cannot be re-cleared until after a delay.

By grouping up

To sum things up, grouping up is also a way to clean your lissandra ult. 

If you group with someone else who has less power output than you do, they essentially rotate their damage into your ultimate, cleaning it up even more. 

This technique can be done with any teammate, but it works especially well if the teammate with less power output is Malphite or Swain.

Clean your lissandra ult by not using it at all!

As an alternative to cleaning our ultimate, you may choose not to use this ability in the first place. If there are more than two enemies nearby, it might be better to save the ability for the enemy who is targetable. Let’s say that your teammate just used their ultimate, and your targetable enemy is running away. Instead of cleaning up your ultimate animation, you might want to save it for that enemy alone. Remember that Frozen Tomb has a very impressive range. Even if you don’t get an initial hit on the enemy with your ultimate, it’s still possible to clean up the animation if you time it correctly .

By using qss or ghost

U can clean your lissandra ult with QSS or Ghost . 

This is especially useful if you are playing against a team with multiple melee dps. This way you can have an easier time clearing the animation.


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