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Vino Biologico is a wine producer, founded by Sergio Lopez Lujan in the hopes of providing wines that are grown in natural conditions. Vino Biologico grows its grapes in Ecuador to produce wines that are both organic and biodynamically cultivated. They use fermentation to create flavors like apricot, cherry, and honeydew along with combinations like muscat Albarino, ruby Porto sherry, sauvignon blanc. These wines are not only grown in natural conditions but also biodynamically grown. Biodynamic cultivation is a type of agriculture that has been used since the early 1900s and strives to create harmony with the land and the elements. Biodynamic winemaking means:

Biodynamic wines don’t use chemicals or pesticides; they try to eliminate them as much as possible from their wineries, vineyards, and farms.

They don’t over till soil which can destroy micro-organisms that may be essential for healthy growth of plants.”

In Biodynamic winemaking, farmers, growers, and winemakers work alongside natural forces. They work with nature, not against it.

Farmers and growers have a deep respect for the land. They let nature take its course, allowing it to come to fruition in a way that is organic and good for the soil.

Winemakers pay attention to their vineyards and what is going on there in order to find out about their own vineyards’ needs. For example, after harvesting, they measure how much sunlight is available to the grapes. And on a daily basis, they check the soil’s moisture levels and temperature.

They use natural means to prevent disease. They try not to use chemicals on their crops but instead work with beneficial bacteria and insects so that the plants are protected from insects and disease.

Winemakers are aware of different terrain throughout their vineyards so that they can apply fertilizers sojourning. They don’t want to have to apply fertilizer all at once because of various reasons which can be harmful to the ecosystem.

They use natural phenomena rather than machines, such as the contour plow, to plow their fields.

They let their livestock graze on grasses and herbs instead of using concentrated feeds that most livestock consume. In this way, they avoid having extra nutrients in the soil that may go into the vines.

With these techniques in mind, Vino Biologico is able to produce wines that are grown in a natural manner along with wines that are pesticide-free and chemical-free. With this combination of natural winemaking and biodynamic winemaking, Vino Biologico hopes to be able to produce wines that are both organic and biodynamically grown.

The description of the wine tasting event states: “We are so excited for this evening because we have heard so much about Vino Biologico wines. We honor these wines who are biodynamically produced, without the use of any chemical pesticides, chemicals, or other substances harmful to our environment or health.”

The descriptions for each wine sound excellent as well – beautifully dry but fruity with a black cherry aftertaste. They are also “extremely affordable for the quality you receive.”

One of the attendees, Kerry McDougall, shared her experience of the event with various media outlets, including sheUrbanBaby which is what led to this article. She said: “We thought it was very interesting that Vino Biologico invited us to learn more about their environmentally friendly wines and their vision for creating a better world through wine. We also enjoyed tasting each wine after learning about each one.”

We are thrilled that these wines are being shared with people who want to enjoy organic and biodynamically grown wines who should be able to do so easily.


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