Playing video games is great. But we all know that there’s nothing quite like exploring your favorite places in-person. 


Ever finish a game and want to go back to your favorite places? Maybe you’re stuck on one of the world’s hardest levels, maybe you’re playing the “hope I don’t die” game mode, or maybe you just wish to explore locations that weren’t in the game. 


The world is an awesome and beautiful place, and it’s not hard to find a country or region you’d like to explore. But if you want the best experience possible, these are the top and best travel blog 2021.


Whatever the reason for wanting these areas is, there are plenty of websites where tourists can come together and see what these places look like before they visit them. 

That way nobody has to worry about getting lost or running into someone that apparently doesn’t know how to act around citizens!


You never thought there would be a way to get that material, but then you stumble upon the ultimate power of the internet – tourism! These locations can be found in any game imaginable. Whether it’s visiting famous landmarks like the Statue of Liberty, or exploring Hogwarts with an interactive map, these websites give people the option to explore more than what they thought was possible.


It was once said that “Good luck finding something” in a video game, but I have done it. I have visited every place mentioned in this article. Just write your favorite location down in the comments so I can savor the feeling of accomplishment.


What are some of the best places to visit in your favorite video game? If you’re into RPGs, you might be able to spend hours wandering around the forests of Dragon Age. If you’re into first-person shooters, then maybe Call of Duty has what you need. Either way, traveling is fun, whether it’s on foot or by car.


Each place is unique, and if you’re lucky, you might run into an interesting character or find something valuable. You never know what will happen until you go there. If there are other players in the game, then they might be at that location as well. Make sure to say hello!

Here are some of my favorite places to visit:


  • Dragon Age: Origins – Denerim


I spent hours exploring Ferelden (the world of Dragon Age) looking for places like this one where I could sit down and rest. You’ll find many places that you can sit to take a break from all the fighting and adventuring.


  • Dragon Age: Origins – Lothering


Traveling around Ferelden is great, but you’re not going to be able to do it without a horse. While on your travels, you will see horses on occasion. These horses are free for the taking, so don’t be shy about stealing one of these fine steeds. You can even talk to them! You’ll find many interesting conversations with horses (and other animals) in this game. Obviously, I like the horses best because they offer transportation (and they look pretty cool too).


  • Dragon Age: Origins – The Hinterlands


You can travel to many different areas of Ferelden, but the Hinterlands are particularly intriguing. They border both Ferelden and Orlais. I spent a lot of time exploring this area, and you’ll find that Krem is a pretty cool little town with plenty to do. You can spend hours wandering around the marketplace and posing with people for pictures.


  • Dragon Age: Origins – Kirkwall


This is another one of my favorite places to visit in Dragon Age: Origins. After you finish the introduction sequence, you’ll meet a dwarf named Anders. He’s a little cranky, but he can give you a magical sword that will help you enter the Dalish Elf city of Fenris if Anders is your friend. You can also visit The Pride of Starkhaven which is a bar. I don’t really know much about this place, but it seems to be a popular hang out for people who play this game.


  • Dragon Age: Origins – Skyhold


You eventually have to leave the Hinterlands and return to Skyhold which is an ancient fortress in the middle of Ferelden, built by ancient elves long ago. After leaving the Hinterlands and finishing the main quest line, you’ll arrive here and return to Skyhold as a war hero. You can go exploring all over the place here. The fortress itself has many secrets and features that you can explore, and there is even an area where you’ll find a dragon that you can tame.


  • Dragon Age: Inquisition – Val Royeaux


This is another place that I spent a lot of time exploring because I just love looking at all the cool models and scenery. You can visit all kinds of shops and take a nice walk through the city streets. You can even go up to the Chantry and see what’s going on there.


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Playing video games is great. But we all know that there’s nothing quite like exploring your favorite places in-person. 



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