Many companies have a corporate web presence that is not as good as it should be. It might not be attracting enough traffic, or providing a good experience for visitors to the site. If you want to improve your corporate web presence and attract more qualified prospects, these 5 tips will help!

When you are working on your website, it is important to keep a consistent tone and voice. You want to ensure that the text matches with your brand’s personality. For example, if you have a casual or fun company culture, this should come through in all of your content as well. Don’t try too hard though! Just make sure there isn’t any unnecessary formal language creeping into copy about more informal topics like events for employees or new hires.

This blog post provides best practices on how businesses can attract visitors and increase their online exposure using SEO strategies. It offers information on common mistakes made by first time entrepreneurs who do not know what they need from an effective business plan such as a website.

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Tip 1: Keep it about the company – not about you

Tip one is to keep your content focused on how people can use or benefit from your products. If there are any personal elements of information, they should be kept to a minimum and only shared if necessary. Because many customers will think that you’re selling yourself rather than what you have to offer them.

Tip two: Keep an up-to-date blog for news and announcements

If customers know that there’s going to be new product upgrades, sales promotions, free shipping offers, etc. Then they might come back more often. This keeps their interest piqued in both your website as well as services/products. So try keeping at least one post month relevant even though it is recommended to post at least once a week.

Tip three: Be cautious of how many ads you use

If your website has too much advertising it can be overwhelming and distracting for visitors so keep this in mind when designing or redesigning your site. You want people to find what they’re looking for without getting distracted by the other links on the page. Try having no more than two advertisements per blog post. So that customers will focus more on reading about their product rather than clicking through every link there is available.

Tip four: Incorporate videos and social media into your site

If you have a video that explains how to properly use or set up one of your products for example, then definitely include it on the page. Because this will help tell people what they need to know about using it. Also try linking all of your social media sites onto each blog post. So customers can easily find them if they want more information. Finally, be sure that everything is linked within posts directly rather than having visitors search through different pages. Since this may cause less traffic over time due to not being found by potential leads.

Tip five: Make yourself accessible via email address

Try including an email contact link at the bottom of every post as well as offering phone numbers, social media sites, and other contact details so that people can easily get in touch with you.

Tip six: Make sure your site is mobile-friendly

Studies show that the majority of people are using their phones to browse online. So you need to make sure your website works on all devices. This means having a fast loading time, no broken links or missing images, etc., as well as being able to easily navigate through everything without any problems. If it’s not working correctly then potential leads may just leave and go elsewhere. It would be very detrimental for business success.

Tip seven: Keep up with industry trends

It’s important to stay informed about what other companies are doing in order to avoid becoming stagnant or totally irrelevant. Because this will cause customers who were interested before. But have since moved on now to form new connections due to lack of interest.

Tip eight: Seek out feedback from customers and employees alike

Although you may have your own theories about how things are doing, it’s always best to ask for other opinions. So that you can get a more objective view on what is working well versus any negatives or concerns people might have noticed which need attention. Employees will give an inside look into how they’re being treated by the company while customers may provide insight into how satisfied they are with their experiences there or if something was not carried out successfully then find out why this happened.

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