Top 13 keywords that can help local businesses rank higher in search engine results and get more traffic. This post will go into detail about each keyword and how it helps your business grow.

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The Top 13 Keywords That are Valuable to Local Businesses.

  • The first keyword is “local search.” This is a very popular keyword and has over 100,000 monthly searches.
  • The second keyword is “local listings.” This has over 200,000 monthly searches and you can advertise on the top paid search results.
  • Another popular and valuable keyword is “near me now”. With 165,000 people searching for this every month it’s a very good one to consider using in your campaign if possible.
  • The fifth valuable keyword that you can use is “geo targeting.”  This has over 100,000 monthly searches and should be used in your campaign.
  • Another popular one to consider using is “find a store near me” with over 110,000 people searching for this every month. It’s definitely something worth looking at if possible.
  • The next valuable keyword is “online stores nearby.” Another popular one to use in your campaign. Because it has over 100,000 monthly searches.
  • Another good option for a local business is “local places near me” with just under 80,000 people searching for this every month. You can definitely consider using this one if possible.
  • Another great option that could be used by a lot of businesses is “nearby shops” which have about 75,000 people searching each month. So should be considered as well especially if there are lots of other competitors on the first page for this term already.
  • “Store hours” would also be another good choice. Since it gets around 70,000 searches per month and is fairly easy to rank for as well.
  • “Address of local business” is another good choice with over 60,000 searches per month. It would be a great option if there isn’t already too much competition on the first page since it’s not an extremely competitive term either.

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What is a keyword?

In short, it’s the words or phrases that people type into search engines to find content on your website. It helps them figure out what they want from their searches by giving clues about specific topics. For example, if someone were searching for “online marketing,” one could assume they know enough about online marketing to be looking specifically at blog posts related to this topic. It’s not just about what words people are using, but the intent behind those words.

Why are keywords important?

One of the most important parts of blogging is choosing keywords for your blog posts. So why do you need them? They help attract readers who have a good chance at being interested in your content. Because they’re searching specifically for certain topics that might be relevant to what you’ve written on your website or blog! You can also use these terms as tags when publishing new posts. So it will show up more easily to search engines and social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc., which helps increase their visibility even further!

Benefits of Using the Right Keywords in Posts and Titles on your Site/Blog:

  • Increased Rankings
  • More Visitors
  • Better Click Through Rate (CTR) on Search Engine Results Page (SERP)
  • Decreased Bounce Rates
  • More Conversions

Tips for Choosing Top Keywords that are Valuable to Local Businesses:

These keywords should include your main service, product or location. They can be very broad and general (i.e. “Italian food” could give you thousands of results) or more specific (i.e., “chocolate cake in New York ”). It is up to the local business owner as well as their marketing team on how detailed they want these Top 13 keywords to be per post/title page on their website/blog. This will help bring them Top Search Engine Ranking Results (SERP). Remember it’s not about having a lot of top ranking posts pages. But instead it’s about having Top Ranking Posts Pages that will garner Top Search Engine Results.

Keyword Research:

The first step is conducting a thorough local business keyword research through tools such as Google AdWords, Ubersuggest and other sources. After you have identified your Top 13 keywords for the post page, it’s time to pick another group of Top 15-20 relevant words/phrases . It can be used in titles and meta descriptions on each blog post or pages throughout your website/blog (should focus on these keywords). Remember not all Top 20+ top ranking relevant keywords should be included per blog post. Because having too many makes them less effective at driving traffic. Search for while searching within your city or town should be given high priority


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