In a world where the economy is in turmoil, many people are looking for ways to create a successful business. To be successful in this difficult economic climate, you need marketing strategies that will help your company succeed. In this blog post, Clean ERSJ will review Top 10 Marketing Strategies that can help you have an advantage over your competitors and achieve success in any economy!

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Be unique!

Don’t stuff your article with tons of keywords. Because Google can easily pick this up and won’t like it (called keyword stuffing). Just make sure they are there naturally within the content and you should see good results over time. As long as you offer something valuable others will want to link back to what you have to offer.

Add backlink

It’s also important to make sure you are linking back to your site wherever possible. Whether it be on social media or in the footer of an article that is relevant then link away! You can’t go wrong with this tactic as long as it’s done correctly and not over used. Remember there needs to be balance though so don’t spam them all throughout your page either.

Don’t forget, don’t overuse keywords!

If you use the same words or phrases in your content more than a couple of times then Google will flag this up and think that it’s spam. So try not to stuff them all through an article. This is also why using a tool for proof reading such as Grammar can be handy. Because they highlight errors in sentence structure which could give off the wrong message if left uncorrected when published online.

Kind of impression

Think about it, if you go to someone’s blog and the writing is all over the place with repeated phrases or words then what kind of impression would that give? Not a very professional one I’m sure. People won’t want anything to do with something like this so just keep your content clean and fresh! Don’t fret though. There will always be exceptions where repeating certain terms may work. But in general having unique posts makes for better results overall.

Start building links early

Building links these days is a lot harder than when Google first started. Because they have been getting stricter on who can create them and from where especially since webmasters were abusing their systems by creating thousands upon thousands. It meant under SEO tactics could easily bypass Google’s system.

Build links from relevant sites around the web, for example if you have a website about cars then getting backlinks from similar websites such as Top Gear or Car Magazine makes sense. That is why it’s still so popular amongst many marketers to this day and will continue being featured in “Top Marketing Strategies” articles because of its effectiveness!

Increase traffic

Once your site starts ranking on the first page within Google one great way to increase traffic even more is by submitting an article directly into their database via a free service called “Google News”. This means that people searching certain keywords could find your blog post when they search online making you visible above other results! It doesn’t cost anything either. But make sure what you write meets their guidelines otherwise there are no chances of it getting approved.

Don’t forget to share!

Whenever you post something new online it’s important that your readers are made aware of this, if not then they may never see the latest content which will defeat the whole purpose of creating blog posts in the first place. So make sure social media profiles are linked within each article and ask them to follow/like pages. So they can be updated on what is happening too!

Remember, if your content is well written people will want to share it with their friends or even other businesses in the same industry where they could link back for additional exposure. It can lead to higher rankings within Google and better results overall!

Don’t forget about keywords when writing blog posts 

If you use the same words too often then Google might flag this up as spam. So try not to stuff them all throughout an article either because there needs to be balance between each one. This tactic has been known to work . But only when done correctly such as linking from relevant sites instead of using repeated phrases over again. 

Think about your target audience also. 

Because if you know who would benefit from reading it, always write what will help someone learn more or answer their questions. Don’t overuse keywords but make sure they show up naturally throughout your paragraphs instead of stuffing them all through an article. This helps keep it clean and more reader friendly which is the key to having a successful blog post that people want to share with others too!

Don’t try this at home alone

The most important thing about writing content for a blog post online is not making mistakes such as spelling errors. Because these can be extremely noticeable when left uncorrected. So have another person look over every single sentence before publishing just to be safe otherwise risk being reported by other users! If everyone else can spot certain phrases then Google’s system may flag it up as unprofessional or unoriginal content which will not only hurt your rankings but also your reputation.


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