Tragedy Often Happens Regardless of Your Schedule

Some of the closest people in your life are going to, as the great bard said, “shuffle off this mortal coil” while you’re out of town. Maybe you’re in Tampa, Florida closing a big real estate deal for your company, when your ailing uncle finally passes on.

You were close to him, but you just can’t be there, even though you’d like to be. How can you express your condolences remotely? Well, the following are three easy ideas that are no less thoughtful for their convenience.

1. Have Sympathy Flowers Sent

Sympathy flowers may not seem like a big gesture, but they can mean a lot; especially if you buy a big gorgeous bouquet that has comforting aromas wafting after it wherever it goes. Follow this link for some of the best flowers to express condolences. The good news is that you can get all manner of bouquets sent remotely; just make the call, or send an email.

2. Send a Gift With a Card

Sympathy gifts may not seem like they’re in good taste, but they really can be; there are a few things to think about. First, take into account the temperament of the individual or the persons for whom the gift is intended. You’re not looking to break new ground here, or subtly suggest anything. You’re just looking to help them feel better.

Sometimes that means getting their mind off the tragedy they’re in the midst of, in other scenarios you want to help them remember the person who was lost by, perhaps, giving them some trinket from your mutual past. Maybe you give your cousin a watch that your uncle passed to you before he passed away. Include a nice card explaining the gift as you can.

3. Give the Bereaved a Call

One thing someone who is going through a tragedy needs is someone to talk to. They don’t need you to have a conversation. They need you to just be there and listen. They may not even want to talk, but will appreciate your presence. Meter your conversation based on the personality of the person going through the pain.

Some people are talkative, some aren’t. Augment your behavior to fill the gap their behavior leaves. The key is being there as you can, even if you’re remote. So take some time off to give them a call.

Showing You Care Even if You Can’t Be Physically There

Maybe you can’t be at the funeral or the wake, but you can definitely show you care regardless. Have some flowers sent over to the event, or to those who are bereaved. Send a gift, a card, or both. Give those who have experienced the tragedy a call, sit down, and have a long, quality conversation with them.

These things may not sound like much, but to those experiencing pain, just knowing someone out there cares, or is there to listen in a pinch, can make all the difference in the world.


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