Don’t you hate it when movies exploit mysteries for cheap thrills? But don’t you love it when these mysteries are actually real? 

Free Opinion IST has some more unsolved mysteries that will haunt you.

We’ve put together some of the world’s most enduring unexplained phenomena, from Bigfoot to the Loch Ness Monster, so next time you find yourself shivering in your seat at a horror movie, know that some of this is actually based on truth.

1.The UFO Phenomenon

The movie: The X-Files, the TV series which lasted from 1993 to 2002. The unsolved mystery: UFOs have been spotted all over the world by hundreds of hundreds of people  but every time they try to find a good explanation for their sightings, they run into dead ends. 

It’s almost like there’s something in the sky that no one is allowed to talk about. 

And this is just on our own planet! If you want your very own alien encounter, you’ll have to head off to outer space. But hey Maybe it isn’t them! Anything’s possible in this world . We won’t even mention how many times we’ve seen another film use this plot device.

2.The Predator Phenomenon

The movie: Besides the TV series, The Predator was also made into a 1989 film. The unsolved mystery: It’s pretty much just like the Alien movies aliens are traveling through space and they’re hunting us because we messed with them first. 

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but that doesn’t actually seem to be true, either. 

While there might be crazy conspiracy theories about crazy conspiracy theories, this is another example of a real mystery that has been utterly swept under the rug by all concerned parties. 

The militaristic “Beverly Hills 9/11” video, for instance, is a pretty good alternative.

3.The Loch Ness Monster Phenomenon

The movie: The 1977 classic, The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes , has a scene where the famous detective gets kidnapped by the Loch Ness Monster . 

The unsolved mystery: Actually, this one does have an explanation – even though it’s a little bit weird. Sherlock Holmes wasn’t abducted by a monster at all – he was being interrogated by the police to possibly incriminate his friend Dr. Watson . 

But they have no idea how to get around this since they’ve detained Holmes under false pretenses. Leave it to the police to find just about the weirdest possible way out of a sticky situation.

4.The Mothman Phenomenon

The movie: The 2002 film, The Mothman Prophecies , based on John Keel’s 1975 book. The unsolved mystery: You might be thinking that this is just an urban myth , but the truth is actually much stranger.

Strange sightings of a giant winged creature have been reported in Point Pleasant, West Virginia, for decades now…and the sightings only got more intense right before many tragedies struck the town over that same time period. 

The reports even go back as far as 1750 . The only explanation we’ve ever heard for this is that the creature was a warning from an alien civilization traveling through our galaxy…which is pretty wild.

5.The Rake Phenomenon

The movie: You might remember seeing him in the opening of American Horror Story: Hotel . The unsolved mystery: The Rake is supposedly a demon-like creature that kills people with a single touch.

People have been spotting the Rake all over the world for decades, but no one has been able to come up with a credible explanation for why these things exist in human form. Even when people were confronted by them face-to-face, they still couldn’t understand what they were seeing.

6.The Flatwoods Monster Phenomenon

The movie: Flatwoods is the name of both a 1952 movie and a 1978 episode of The Twilight Zone . The unsolved mystery: A UFO was spotted landing in Flatwoods, West Virginia on September 12th, 1952. When the townspeople went to investigate, they saw a creature with glowing red eyes on its legs.

This sounds pretty much exactly like an alien abduction, but some people have also linked it to the Mothman legend. Either way, this guy is still out there somewhere . This guy is still out there somewhere .

7.The Beckley Salamander Phenomenon

The movie: The 1987 episode of The X-Files called “Home” has the monster lurking around the basement . The unsolved mystery: It turns out this creature is actually not all that scary . 

Not only is it not a scary monster , but it’s also actually one of the nicest things you could ever meet . While it looks like a shriveled up body, if you get close enough to it, you might be able to catch a glimpse of what looks like an emaciated human body. 

This creature doesn’t come with any angry red eyes or angry red tentacles, so don’t worry about never finding this thing. Just enjoy your nice salamander.


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