James Brown is one of the most influential and revolutionary musicians of all time. But, he wasn’t just about the music. He also pioneered other business practices that are still popular today, like launching his own label and touring globally. Hardest working man in show business : James Brown the American Singer. James Brown was not only a hard working man, but also an astute businessman. He founded a record label and was an early adopter of touring internationally. James Brown was hugely influential in the music scene and he contributed to the creation of funk. James Brown: The Hardest Working Man In Show Business

James Brown had a lot of jobs in his lifetime. He worked as a shoe shiner before his music career took off, he worked as a plasterer and also had jobs like cutting hair and working at the post office. Brown started off singing gospel music and sang in the church choir from age 8. In his early teens, he sang with a gospel quartet. Brown was still a high school student when he transformed from singing gospel music to R&B and rock ‘n’ roll. James Brown: The Hardest Working Man In Show Business

Brown got his nickname “Soul Brother Number One” while he was performing in black nightclubs in the early 1950’s. He formed the Famous Flames and began making records. Brown’s first song “Please, Please, Please” became an instant hit and so did its follow-up singles “Try Me”, “I’ll Go Crazy” and “(Do the) Mashed Potatoes”. Amazingly, all of these songs were released within just one year of each other.

The Untold Story Of James Brown: The Hardest Working Man In Show Business :

1. The Hardest Working Man In Show Business :

James Brown has inspired many upcoming musicians and he continues to prove that hard work pays off. He was a hard worker, but he also started his own record label and had his own innovative tours. Brown also pioneered the use of video in concerts, which helped make his shows more interactive.

2. James Brown’s Early Career:

James Brown was born in a poor section of Atlanta, Georgia and moved to Augusta, Georgia when he was 7 years old. He lived there until 1959 when he moved to Augusta’s famous “Sweet Home” district and became successful as a singer. Brown was the lead singer in a gospel group called ‘The Famous Flames’ that he formed with Bobby Byrd and Maceo Parker.

3. James Brown As A Singer:

In 1958, James Brown left his gospel group to perform at clubs as a “Soul Brother Number 1” (Soul Brother was the name of his first record). The blend of gospel and R&B had already been developed by such artists as The Five Pennies, The Drifters and Curtis Mayfield, who worked with The Impressions. Brown’s signature songs were “Please Please Please”, “Try Me” and “Don’t Be a Dropout”. These songs made him an instant success.

4. James Brown and The Famous Flames:

In the late 50’s, he became an early adopter of the then new concept of touring internationally. He started to attract fans from all across the globe. His first tour in Africa was called “Jam for Africa” and it was one of the first tours that brought R&B music to people from different countries. It also helped put Brown into a global spotlight as a musician: as well as being a singer who represented black culture, he was also a pioneer in terms of cross-cultural exchange and promotion of African music overseas. In 1958 Brown toured Africa with Maceo Parker, Bobby Byrd and other Famous Flames.

5. James Brown: The Hardest Working Man In Show Business :

James Brown’s biggest achievements were not in any one field of music, but by being an innovator in several fields. He was an entrepreneur and formed his own record label and he also pioneered the use of video in concerts. His following albums Beyond Beautiful – James Brown Live tour of Europe in 1969- 70 (1968) which is considered to be one of the first hip hop albums – is a good example of how he used video to entice fans to come to his shows.

6. The Untold Story Of James Brown: The Hardest Working Man In Show Business :

James Brown is most famous for his influential funk music. But, he also became an innovator in the areas of music, marketing and tour promotion. When Brown was in his prime as a famous singer in the 60’s, he was also successful as a businessman. He wasn’t just about the music – he also paved the way for how tours were promoted and produced today. James Brown was not just about R&B and rock ‘n’ roll – he had a hand in pioneering other fields of entertainment as well.


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