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What is black sheep photography Stephanie debolt?

Black sheep photography Stephanie debolt is a photography industry where photographers take pictures of people when they are not aware of it. This can be done with an iPhone or a DSLR camera. The photos taken are typically passed off as candid, but they are more often than not posed and manipulated to make the subject seem like they don’t know that the photo is being taken.

There has been debate on whether black sheep photography actually exists, but there is no mistaking that these photographs do exist and pop up on social media all over the internet frequently enough to warrant suspicion.


The black sheep photography industry is based on a “catch them unaware” premise. This means that the unsuspecting subject is caught off guard in some way and often doing something funny or embarrassing. Sometimes they don’t even know that they are being photographed, and other times they are fully aware of what is going on but decide to play along. The effect of these black sheep photos remains no matter the case; viewers laugh at the subject and feel good about themselves for not being caught in the same situation.

Who is Stephanie Debolt?

Stephanie Debolt is a well known black sheep photographer who has gone viral more than once over her unique type of candid photography, which she calls Black Sheep Photography. Stephanie Debolt was hired by a television show called “America’s Got Talent” to shoot candid photos for the auditions. These photos showed the judges in a very unflattering light – some were sleeping, others were looking at their phones and reading emails, and one even appeared to be asleep during the performance. The internet went crazy over the candid shots of the judges that were not so flattering, and it wasn’t until much later that Debolt revealed that she was behind these candid photographs.

Things to know:

Another photographer who has made a name for himself in this industry is Devin Super Tramp. Devin McGinley (the photographer’s real name) is well known for his photographs that capture his friends doing funny things and reacting in real life. Some of these photographs are really unbelievable and will have you questioning whether or not they are authentic. Once Devin Super Tramp has the picture he wants, he will take it back to his computer and manipulate the photo with special effects and Photoshop. Many people do not realize that these photos are in fact very contrived, but Devin Super Tramp is able to fool a lot of people – it’s all about the audience being played and knowing how to pull off one’s con.

There are reports that other photographers like Rob Bliss, Jasvir Ramchandani, and David Johnson are also part of this industry. These guys are a lot more difficult to catch out and they tend to take better quality photographs designed to fool the camera – they don’t show the flaws in their work.

The black sheep photography industry will continue to flourish as long as people keep being caught off guard and having a good time. Searching for these photos requires a certain amount of knowledge about the Photoshop skills of these individuals, but it will only be matter of time before these photos start popping up all over social media.


This type of candid photography allows everyone to feel as if they are in on the joke. The subject is unknowingly being photographed, whereas the photographer knows that someone might see the photograph at one point or another and laugh with them. This makes the viewer feel good about themselves because they aren’t being photographed and have not been caught off guard. It is a way for people to be in on a joke without having to participate, which gives them an excuse not to take part. People like being able to feel included even though they are not actually partaking in something themselves. These photographs showcase the things that people try to keep private, which makes us all feel both embarrassed and entertained.


The biggest disadvantage of this type of candid photography is the lack of quality. Phone cameras can only do so much, so these black sheep photos will never be able to compete with professional photographers who have access to expensive equipment and software. The other thing that comes into play is the amount of followers these photographers have – it makes it a lot more difficult for these black sheep photos to go viral unless they’re posted on ultra-popular pages such as WorldstarHipHop.

What to know?

In the end, black sheep photography is what it is – funny photos of people that you’ve probably never heard of. The whole thing may be staged, but the end result is always funny and inappropriate. There are plenty of other ways to get a laugh without this sort of con job – just look at the videos on YouTube! Some people do take part in these photos and claim that they are being caught off guard. A lot more are convincing because they are simply pretending not to notice that they are being photographed, which does not make for a very interesting photograph.


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