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Mega888 is the world’s biggest multi-purpose gaming platform with over 1,008 games. It’s a website for gamers looking to win prizes without having to spend any money. Here are some reasons why I love Mega888

1) The prizes are great! The top prize is worth $20K, but one can also win smaller prizes that range from 50 cents up to $1,000 depending on your score.

2) You can play mega888 using many devices including Android and IOS phones and tablets, computer browsers like Chrome or Safari, the Mega888 app on your phone, even your home TV!

3) Another way to win prizes? Play trivia games daily for a chance at winning cool products. If you get the question wrong, that’s okay too! You can also play free games daily for chances of winning new prizes.

4) The social aspect of the site. Mega888 has a forum where people who are interested in new games discuss them before get to play them. There’s even a level of designers who create their own games on the site. You can also create your own game or design of your own using elements from the games of other users on the site over time.

5) The new ideas being created by users on Mega888 are fascinating to use and there are new feature updates almost every month that add to gaming on Mega888.

6) Mega888 has mobile games that are both fun to play and also usually won’t cost you anything to play that is really addictive. For example, I used to play the game “Bicycle” where I try to get as many points as possible even though it’s so challenging.

7) The community is strong at Mega888. One reason for this is because of how fun it is for anyone to be able to create their own game, but the other reason is probably due to the number of prizes being given out at any given time.

8) Mega888 has its own ranking system where users can compete to be at the top of the ranks so other people will want to play your game or design that you create.

9) You can also win points and then cash in on them and get lottery tickets to buy things like cars, houses, expensive outfits, and things like that.

10) Mega888 has a large catalog of games and other items that people love and use regularly. It’s an easy way to get these things for free if you’re running low on money not because you’re paying the site’s fees but because you’re winning different prizes or simply spending time playing games.

11) The website’s interface is very easy to use and it’s also aesthetically pleasing. I think the site is also very easy to navigate.

12) The games on Mega888 are very fun and challenging. I’ve been playing for a couple of months now and I still play every day.

13) Mega888’s customer support is awesome! They’re able to answer almost any question in less than 24 hours and they’re also very friendly when they do reply to your messages in their support lounge in the forum.

14) Mega888 has a list of rewards and sweepstakes and they run them every year. What I love about the rewards is that it’s not based on money but more on what you’re willing to entrust the site with. So for example, if you’re an artist or musician and you want to give out free music or art, that’s fine. You can even donate such things as art for people who create games (like me) and we get to use the games we create in our reward prize packages for other users.


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