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What is Harlingen immigration court?

The most incredible article about the Harlingen immigration court you’ll ever read. Harlingen immigration court, not just a courtroom. It is the place where dreams are made, crushed, and sometimes they are triumphantly reclaimed. The only thing as sad and terrible as the life stories that could be heard on a daily basis in this courtroom was the number of times people went back to it. Harlingen Immigration Court is an ugly reality of our society – one we would rather not talk about.

True story. I was at a wedding and the father of the bride (a foreigner) asked me, a harlingen immigration court bail bondsman, for a sit down. He told me he had been to harlingen immigration court and that his son was in danger of being deported. Although he had raised this child since birth, he was not his biological father but rather became the father because he married the mother of this boy when she was pregnant with him. Through some urgency on her part (her ex-husband had not paid child support) she agreed to marry my client, an american citizen who fell in love with this woman and wanted to raise this child as if it were his own.

What makes it so unique?

Harlingen immigration court is a beautiful, strange place. It is a place where dreams are made and crushed. It is a place where the law is corrupt and the truth cannot be extracted from those sworn to uphold it. It’s the only place in our society that legislates by word of mouth. The rumors, the hearsay, the stories you’ve heard from your parents, your family members, or anyone else can influence an outcome greatly.

Harlingen immigration court was created as part of a federal program called “Operation Streamline. This is a program run by the Department of Justice (DOJ) that sends a large number of immigrants to the Rio Grande Valley, home to one of the most corrupt areas of the country.

What’s amazing about this program is that it is completely flawed?

The program was created in response to a rise in unauthorized immigration from people Mexico and other parts of South America to our southern border. As many would like to believe, “illegal immigration” is caused by poverty or overcrowding within their own countries. However, Operation Streamline has proven otherwise. This program was created without any evidence that shows more enforcement equals fewer immigrants illegally entering our country. Operation Streamline has also proven that policing the border is not the solution we are looking for, as there are many other ways to enter our country.

What’s so frustrating about harlingen immigration court?

The frustration lies in the fact that there is nothing that can be done currently. The only thing that harlingen immigration court offers immigrants is their freedom to leave. Many people leave Harlingen because they simply want to start a new life, but fear of being sent back to their country of origin prevents them from doing so. Others cannot leave because of family, past debts, or safe haven and are stuck in harlingen immigration court for years.

What is the purpose of this article?

We as Americans do not feel sorry for immigrants looking to enter our country and become legal citizens. We feel sorry for them because they must face the harsh reality that their lives are taken away by corrupt lawyers, judges, and officials who do not understand these individuals come to our country in search of a better life. We as americans want an immigration system that allows us to express our needs (to build upon the most fundamental rights we all have: life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness). However, we are not naive enough to believe this to be reasonable.

We as americans want harlingen immigration court to end. We ask the government to make a simple change that will ensure immigrants are treated fairly by enacting law that follows the rule of law and does not voice personal opinions.

What’s next?

We must fight for an immigration system run by the laws, not by people. Immigration law should be based upon fact, not opinion. If we want an immigration system that reflects our shared values we need to fight for this change and let our elected leaders know they have work to do if they wish to continue representing us. Harlingen immigration court has been around for a long time and is unlikely to go away any time soon. However, the laws that created harlingen immigration court are antiquated and should be changed to provide for a fair system.

If you know someone with an outstanding deportation order in Harlingen immigration court please contact us. Phone calls will not be answered. We need your help as we carry on this fight to change policies so all Americans can live free, independent, and happy lives.


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