Backlinks have been the backbone of good SEO strategies since they were first conceived. It stands to reason then that if you need to succeed in today’s digital world, you need quality backlinks. Luckily, there are numerous companies who provide high-quality backlinks services at very affordable rates . The benefits of SEO backlinks services are numerous.

At this point you may not know what a backlink is or what it does for your site, so we will explain how it all works before going into detail about the various companies that provide these services.

Your website is considered a resource by search engines. If you have an online presence, the chances are good that you will at some point be involved in a web search. Thus, if someone searches for your company’s name and you don’t have any backlinks pointing to your website, it won’t show up in the search results.

Search engine algorithms continue to learn more about the world we live in and they make constant adjustments to their algorithms based on the way people use them. When you create backlinks that are relevant to your niche – or have just enough of a difference in content so as to not get penalized – this increases your likelihood of being found by searchers.

The Modern Rules Of SEO Backlinks :

1. Do you know what SEO is ?

This is the process whereby search engine spiders crawl the websites of hundreds of thousands of internet users.

Search engines use spiders to ascertain how relevant your web pages are to their users, and to find new information about the sites they visit. The more inbound links you have to a web page, the higher your chances are of appearing on related searches. 

A quality link from a site with high authority (so that search engines place its content higher on their results pages) may be worth more than a low-quality link that comes from an unknown site or one with a poor domain name.

2. How do you get backlinks ?

You could start a blog on your website and then send out emails to people with blogs in your industry. You’ll need to have something in particular to talk about for this strategy to work, but beggars can’t be choosers. You’ll also need to have a plan for what you are going to say that is relevant beyond simply trying to get a link from another site.

You could join forums specific to your business and participate in discussions in an active manner. This will help you build authority from being able to give valuable answers, as well as getting backlinks from the profiles of others who have participated in your discussions. 

This can be an issue, however, because a search engine spider will likely conflate several users with the same or similar opinion, creating links between them. This may lead to you being penalized.

You could have outsourced web design to a service that will post your website content on its site with links back to your website. This is called “link building from external sites” and it isn’t as effective, nor is it as profitable for most businesses or individuals as other link building strategies.

3. How do you get quality backlinks ?

It’s very important to understand the types of links backlinks represent in terms of how important they are. Backlinks may be very valuable in and of themselves, but they do not carry as much weight as backlinks from different types of websites.

There are three main link types: anchor text, on-page links, and off-page links. Anchor text can be anything that is on a page, such as the title or description for an article, or a keyword phrase in the body of the article itself. On-page links are links within a website’s body of pages, whether to other webpages or to media files. Off-page links are links from external websites directed towards your own.

4. Where do you get quality backlinks ?

Quality backlinks can be obtained in two main ways: manually and automatically.Manual backlink building means creating them yourself by inserting text into your website that directs search engines to other sites, whether by mentioning a company name, linking to its product information on your site, or using any other creative way you can think of in order to make the link visible and not penalizable .

Automatic tools are those that can be used by affiliates and companies to automatically find backlinks for them. These tools are very easy to use because they rely on the way search engines crawl the web and incorporate data directly from websites. They include Google’s Access, Site Explorer, and Ahrefs as well as Majestic.

It is important to remember that these tools do not rank your website in search results themselves, but they can give you a starting point that you can work from. The other advantage of using these programs is they will identify backlinks regardless of which website source they came from without need to manually know what all the links say.


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