In today’s world, it is impossible to go anywhere without being bombarded with the latest innovations in tech. The same goes for mobile gaming. The industry has changed so much in just a few years, and there are even more changes on the way! In this blog post The Hit-Men Site will discuss some of the latest trends in mobile gaming that have been making waves lately.

The latest changes in mobile gaming have been led by a shift towards more casual games. The most popular of these are puzzle and trivia apps. But there has also been an increase in the number of casino style games available on all platforms.

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What’s trending this year? Top innovative ideas that are changing the game!

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Virtual reality

Virtual reality (VR) offers gamers a more immersive experience than ever before. There are several ways that developers have integrated VR into their games. The most popular of which is the use of headsets, such as Oculus Rift or Google Daydream View. Transport players directly into a virtual world through high quality graphics and gaming capabilities. The technology enables users to feel like they are actually within the game itself. Rather than just controlling an avatar on screen with a mouse or controller providing more immersive gameplay for audiences . The success this year of Pokemon GO (Nintendo) demonstrated how effective AR/VR integration can be when done properly. However there were still some issues surrounding general appeal due to its limited availability in certain regions

Major implications

The rise in popularity over recent years around multiplayer mobile games has also had major implications on industry trends. While many titles continue to focus primarily on developing single-player campaigns, others are shifting resources to attract more players with competitive features.

The most common of which is the inclusion of leaderboards within apps. This allows users to compare their scores and achievements against other gamers online, creating a sense of community around certain games. The ability for new titles to get both multiplayer-focused strategies right has influenced how some developers approach game releases in general particularly when it comes down to keeping audiences engaged

One area that continues apace is influencer marketing .

The combination of social media’s increased popularity alongside mobile gaming means that there are plenty of opportunities available for marketers/developers who wish to target influential people across platforms such as YouTube or Twitch (which focus on streaming) and Instagram or Snapchat (which are more photo-based) . The rise of influencers has become so significant, in fact, that there are even professional gaming teams and gamer agencies appearing which focus specifically on this area

Location-based gaming

The final development this year has been around location-based gaming. It uses real world locations for players to interact with their games . The concept first began appearing on a wider scale back in 2015 when Pokémon GO (Nintendo) made its debut. But it’s only recently become much more popular through new releases like Jurassic World Alive or The Walking Dead: Our World

AR devices

This is partly because there are now far more AR devices available than ever before including Google Glasses and Microsoft HoloLens. It means that game developers can continue exploring innovative ways to keep audiences engaged. It also provides marketers with more opportunities to target audiences, as certain apps can be linked with brands for new experiences. The use of AR is not just limited to games either, but has also become a popular tool in education

The future of gaming

As new technologies continue becoming available and the market begins adjusting its focus. Accordingly , it’s very likely that the world of mobile gaming will only get bigger over time . The rise in popularity around multiplayer titles. It means that there are now even better ways than ever before to reach consumers across different platforms through social media or influencers. As gamers are able to play from anywhere at any time this provides developers with plenty of potential ideas on how they could improve their own strategies too! For marketers/developers who wish to enter into this highly competitive market. The first step is understanding how to make full use of it . The more advanced technologies become (particularly AR) , for example, will require marketers to develop new ways of engaging with audiences across social media platforms.

While there’s still a long way to go until we see the development and release of The Sword in the Stone: The Game , it’ll be interesting to see how much has changed by then. The gaming market is continuing to grow at an exponential rate. This means that developers will continue innovating around storytelling devices such as VR, AR and multiplayer features over the next 12 months .


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