With the release of the iphone xs amoled background it’s clear that Apple is changing its ways. There are new features and functions that are shaking up the industry. Apple has famously never been in a rush to change things up and this time seems no different, but it’s obvious they’re going to have to make some adjustments moving forward or they’ll be left behind. It’s not so much design changes as all the other innovations which seem to be causing all of the changes in how we use our phones on a day-to-day basis.

1. Screen Size

We’ve all been there, watching an online video and the person recording it has their phone at an awkward angle in order to show something off. With all of these new innovations, you can put your phone on a stand and watch the screen easily. I know when I’m watching YouTube videos, I don’t pay attention to how they look if they’re on my phone. It may be a little cumbersome to use as a daily item since it’s not meant for that and makes your phone even larger than if you were just holding it in your hands. However, this is definitely going to change how we use our phones once they become more readily available.

2. Facial Recognition

I’ve heard a lot of people talking about how this is a bad idea, but I don’t think it’s all that bad. If you’re using your phone to pay, then it’s just an added security feature that can confirm whether or not the person using their phone is actually the owner. It’s almost like having a fingerprint on your phone, although this isn’t as secure. But like I said before, this is only good for convenience. There’s plenty of other issues associated with facial detection itself, but sometimes you have to just take the good with the bad.

3. Side Buttons

Like I said, Apple is just getting rid of the side buttons. After all, what’s the point of your phone if you can’t take pictures with it? There was really never a reason to have them on there in the first place and I think it looks pretty slick without them. If you’re going to lose something as small as a button with this new design, then you might as well just not have any at all.

4. Always On Screen

I don’t think many people are going to be complaining about this since almost everyone has fallen asleep with their phone on at least once or twice. Apple finally realized that inching towards the future with this technology is better than not doing it at all. The future of this feature will be interesting to see, all you have to do is look at other apps where you can’t set a time limit for the screen being active when navigating a menu by touching your screen in order to move forward.

5. New Way To Pay

The Iphone X has facial scanning and new ways to pay. This is just what we need, am I right? It’s nice that Apple is trying something new instead of keeping the same old way of buying products and services as we’ve always done them. The only problem is that most people don’t like change. You’ll see the same old way of paying for things for the next five or so years until everyone finally gets used to it.

6. New Way To Use Apps

With Face ID, we’re going to have a new way of using our apps. No more will we have to look around for a button or be forced to use whatever gestures are available in order to move around in the app itself. It’s not just Apple doing this, there are other smartphones that do this as well and they’ve been out longer than the Iphone X’s release date in November of 2017. If you look at many phones now, they all have an aspect ratio that is 18:9. The Iphone X and Samsung Galaxy S8 phones being the first ones to do this on a large scale.

7. Plus Size Phones

This is actually a little bit of a dilemma for me. Admittedly, I don’t use my phone much as a daily item because it’s just too big of an item to throw into your pocket or hold in your hand, it will get damaged pretty fast if you do so. But there are some benefits that come with the Iphone X being able to be used as a daily item due to its larger size and you can see this in how people are using the technology.


The Iphone X has been a success. It’s opening up a whole new market of people who want to upgrade from their iphones but didn’t have the means to afford the latest model. This is good for Apple, but I think that it’s a little bit of a stretch for everyone else to accept what people will be willing to pay for a phone that only comes in one color option each year and doesn’t have an update cycle like most brands tend to release.


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