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What are emoji clothing websites?

An emoji clothing website is a blog that serves as an online shop for people to buy clothes with emoji on them. This means clothing such as, but not limited to, shirts, shorts, pants and hats. The most popular website is called Emoji Apparel and you can find the best selection of these here on Funny Fashion Blogs.

The history goes back to 2015 when Bo Jackson was interested in getting his own emoji shirt with a picture of him depicted in the clothes he wore during his football career. A Buffalo resident named Tom Lehman came up with this idea after watching an NBA playoff game between the Boston Celtics and Cleveland Cavaliers on April 6th in 2017 which was won by Boston in Game 7 at home.

How did it start?

Tom Lehman designed the emoji clothing website and started selling his clothes using Emoji Apparel. He created several different shirts ranging from $30 for a single shirt to $130 for multiple emoji on one shirt, but then he cut his prices so that every shirt was either $24 or less. The goal of this company was to make a shirt with emoji in a more affordable way since there would be no extra payment made to the NBA or the players pictured itself. For example, the Bo Jackson emoji shirt is $24 while a regular NBA jersey is going to cost you at least $120-$200 USD unless they are being sold on discount which may be below your budget range.

What are the features of emoji clothing websites?

Emoji clothing websites have a variety of emojis ranging from the most common emoji such as a huggie, pizza slice and lemon which are pictured above to the rarest ones such as a hot dog, pear, onion and strawberry. These emoji clothing websites include a wide range of colors for each shirt ranging from black, blue, pink and yellow. There are multiple options for fonts on these shirts which give you the freedom to choose your design based on what feels comfortable to you.

What is the future of emoji clothing websites?

Although not many people know about these e-commerce stores at this moment in time, they continue to grow with popularity due to their unique designs of emojis printed on clothes. Even with the decrease in popularity of emojis in recent years, these emojis continue to gain popularity due to their uniqueness and their diverse options.

How do you use the emoji clothing websites?

You can use these websites to help you find something that you like or express yourself through clothing. One important thing to note is that these websites are not just for regular clothing, but they also have other accessories such as pajamas, shoes, hats and more. Each of these shops also comes up with different designs for each shirt which makes it unique and uniquese. The only things left for each store is how much your budget is and how much time you have on hand.

How do you find emoji clothing websites?

Emoji clothing websites can be found through a wide range of search engines, such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. You can also find them on social media such as Instagram and Twitter. If you are looking for a specific website, you can also get it by contacting the business listed on their webpage or writing a comment below this article to get an idea of when they may respond back to you.

Common questions:

Q: Who makes these clothes?

A: The name of the company is Emoji Apparel, but there are other companies using their logo on shirts and other items. Anyone can make the logo of Emoji Apparel and use it for their business.

Q: Where can I find this emoji clothing website shirt?

A: You can find all kinds of these shirts in a wide range of shops such as Amazon, Walmart, Target among others. To see a list of all these shops, click here.

Q: How much is the shipping rate?

A: Shipping cost depends on how many items you want to order at one time and it will also depend on the location that you live in.

What are the advantages?

The primary advantage is that you can express yourself through your clothing with the help of these emoji designs. Another advantage is that there are hundreds of different designs to choose from. All you need to do is find one that you think will look good and then place your order.

What are the disadvantages?

One disadvantage is that it may take a while for these shirts and other emoji merchandise to ship to your area. Another disadvantage is that since they are not being sold in stores, shipping cost can end up being higher than if you were shopping in a store, but this depends on how many items you want at once and what state you live in.


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