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Club 4 Fitness is a website full of articles about health, fitness, and weight loss. This article is an ultimate resource for the best articles from Club 4 Fitness to know more about the future according to them. This article will cover their opinions on how things are going to be in 5-10 years as well as what some of the patterns will be.


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What are some of the things being predicted?

·         Fitness in 10 years will come to a shock as we continue to learn more about our bodies. Club 4 Fitness has made predictions that technology will play a huge factor in future fitness routines. We’ll be able to control machines by just thinking about them and running on a treadmill getting exercise from watching videos that make us feel like we’re running.

·         Heart rate monitors could become a commodity. As we make more and more progress in learning about our body, people will start to use heart rate monitors that can tell how your body is being affected by external factors.

·         Obesity will become a big problem in the next 10 years as more people start thinking about weight loss. Club 4 Fitness predicts that there will be an “obesity epidemic” and we’ll all have the same problems because of it. This problem will make obesity an extremely hot topic and a lot of research will be done on what causes obesity and what can help prevent it.

·         Equipment can be adjusted to fit your body weight and physical strength. In the future, equipment laws might change because equipment will be made specifically for you. The technology will also try to discourage you from using weights that are too heavy for your body weight and physique.

·         Fitness routines will be able to be adjusted to match the intensity we want; this way there are no more excuses for not working out! We’ll have programs that alternate between short, intense workouts and longer, easier ones depending on what we’re going for at the time.


·         Everything we do can be monitored.

·         They predict that we’ll be able to take our bodies with us wherever we go. That is, of course, if you’re physically fit enough to carry your own body weight!

·         Obesity will be eliminated!

·         Health and fitness will become fun and exciting again!

Are there any disadvantages?

·         Fitness will become more expensive. More equipment might need to be made because of the change in the amount of people who want to get fit. This could lead to companies making equipment specifically for each person so that they can track their stats. Obviously, this equals more money for the company.

·         Quality of food will go up. In some ways, this is a good thing; we’ll be able to get healthier and tastier food that is more tailored to our own needs!

·         People will turn to unhealthy, “feel-good” work outs. They predict that we’ll see many people doing stuff like rock climbing and pole dancing in the future because it is fun!

·         Traveling with yourself may become a hassle. Obviously, if you can take your workout with you, you’re going to do it. However, this also means that no matter where you go, you can’t get away from your workout!

·         The future will become too complicated. They predict the more technology we use in our daily lives, the more complicated our lives will become. Thanks to machines doing all of the thinking for us, we’ll be able to spend more time on actual daily tasks like cleaning or cooking. Yet at the same time we’ll have to deal with a lot of new tech as well!

Here are some suggestions from Club 4 Fitness Experts:

·         Find out what makes fitness fun for you and only focus on that. Try to find something that everyone will do or try, like dancing.

·         Find a friend! You can pick each other up when you feel like giving up and you’ll have someone to motivate you. Also, if your friend gives up, you’re more likely to give up too.

·         Work out in the morning! If your workout is first thing in the morning, its much easier for your mind to get set on working out since its already there! Then all you have is the rest of the day vs working out from scratch in the evening.

·         Keep an eye on yourself- Pay attention and make sure that you aren’t doing anything unhealthy just so that it counts as a workout.


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