The Faraway Place- where things are kept. What is the Faraway Place? 

It’s a thing, but not one you can see. It’s not magic or invented either; it’s something that has always been there, and will be there long after everyone is gone.

The place that holds memories, keeps thoughts in their mind like they’re in a jar for safekeeping. All the little things people fret about and chatter on about without ever stopping to think how it all means nothing in this bigger picture world we live in.

The Faraway Place is an unusual piece of land too, if you were to pull back everything to find it, well, you already know that’s not going to work. 

Here is the answer for, the faraway place where things are kept?

Nothing stands the test of time too well- a stone that was once solid turns into dust, a tree turns from leafy green to brown and dies, a metal becomes rusting and breaks- whatever holds memories is going to fall apart, so it’s no wonder it has been so hard to find the answer.

This place is different from any other place in the world, and it has a lot of things that are worth exploring. You can find anything you’re looking for there – from old stuff to new technology. 

The only problem is that you have to search through so much junk before you find something good! But when you do, it feels really great!

Anyway, in this post I want to talk about what the Faraway Place is all about and what it’s like.

Here are some points were things are kept:-

1. The Faraway Place has a lot of stuff kept in the storehouses:-

  • All the stuff you’ve been given by people with special powers is kept there.
  • The things you’ve collected or purchased from all over the world, or from shops.  Some of them may have been made for sale, but some of them have been made just for fun – and sold too.
  • The things you’ve made yourself.

Some of them have been made by artisans, and some have been made by engineers. And some have been made simply for fun.

2. Place also has a lot of things kept in the warehouses:-

  • All the stuff that’s been made or designed just for fun – by artisans, engineers and artists.  Some of them have been sold too, but they’re all kept there just in case you change your mind and want to buy them back again someday.
  • The stuff that’s really good and doesn’t need to be sold (but it’s listed on the shelves anyway).
  • All the stuff that’s broken or broken-in.
  • The things that are really old and worn out.  Some of them are sold for parts, but most of them are kept there just in case you decide to make them into something new one day.
  • The things that are really very special or valuable, but their value is not known by anyone.  They’re mostly kept there for protection – to keep them safe at the Faraway Place until they’re needed again.
  • As you can see, all the things with special powers are kept in both stores with a lot of stuff kept there too

3.It is a very big place with a lot of things to explore.  

You can find things being kept in warehouses beyond the boundaries of the place itself.

For example:-

  • There are other worlds that are kept safe under your bed – or near your dresser.  There are also some worlds that only exist at night time (and you must go to sleep before they can be explored).
  • Inside toys and games there are hidden worlds too (you don’t need to play with them, but the game-pieces make great storage units for treasures).
  • A long time ago, there was a lot of old stuff stored in the attic.  But some people have been keeping new stuff there for a long time now (and it’s all become really dusty and dirty).
  • There is even a secret place with special powers (it is kept hidden and safe).  That’s where the really valuable treasure is kept.

4. The Faraway Place is a great place for exploring. 

  • The places where you can find stuff to buy or sell.  You can also find some good shops there too.
  • Some of the places are inside toys and games – either inside the box or as hidden drop shadows.
  • Inside hidden worlds – those that are only accessible from special places and at special times.
  • Some warehouses contain things that you can repair, restore and upgrade once they’re fully restored (the work will be done by engineers).


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