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The art of marketing has evolved dramatically over recent years. As the trends in businesses shifted to become more customer-centric, marketing techniques have also adapted to consider how products and services will be of value to the end-users. Today, modern marketing methods tap into the very nature and desire of the customers, thereby increasing the likelihood of effecting a sale. As customers, we are constantly offered exciting promotions and discounts that entice us to avail of a particular product or service. Some of the most common examples include Netflix’s 1-month free trial, AWS Free Tier subscription, and even Amazon Video’s 6-month free student trial period. 

In this article, we are going to assess these types of marketing and advertising strategies to see how exactly they affect our purchase decisions.

Ecommerce and Online Shopping

The rapid emergence of ecommerce and online shopping platforms has made the entire process of shopping a lot more convenient and hassle-free. When you look at the bigger picture, it is safe to say that this is the biggest contributor to the recent increase in sales volume for many businesses. 

Traditionally, shopping would mean that customers will have to go out of their houses and travel to shopping centers or markets in order to buy a good or avail of a service. With ecommerce and online shopping, everything can be conducted through a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer. By making shopping a lot more convenient and accessible, customers operate with a much greater incentive to purchase. In the end, this increases the frequency and occurrence of purchase transactions, leading to a much more favorable way of operations for businesses. 

Social Media Marketing and Advertising

Social media platforms and websites also play an integral role when it comes to customers’ purchase decisions. The way social media achieves this is how it effectively provides a platform where prospective customers can be exposed to different types of advertising and marketing materials. In other words, social media gathers individuals into a single platform where advertising and marketing can be made more efficient and effective. Because customers are conveniently pooled into these platforms, they are easily reached by different advertising and marketing materials. 

Additionally, social media apps like Facebook and Instagram provide a platform where businesses and customers can engage and communicate with each other. This direct form of engagement between suppliers and buyers creates a much more conducive business space. Again, as a result, the customers will now have a much greater incentive to buy products and to avail of services.

Creativity and Innovation on the Part of the Sellers

Precisely because of the factors mentioned above, sellers have become a lot more creative and innovative when it comes to their advertising and marketing strategies. Especially when it comes to social media platforms and websites, companies now have a lot of choices as regards the materials to be used for advertising and marketing. Unlike traditional methods, which it is usually centered on banners, posters, and billboards, companies are now able to better exercise their creative thinking. For example, they could make use of videos, clickable ads, email marketing, and more. Ultimately, these things contribute to the many ways how businesses are able to bring their products and service to the customers.

At the end of the day, these three factors serve as the pillars of development for marketing. They have directly influenced the way customers see and treat shopping activities. Furthermore, they also paved the path for the improvement of the different aspects of the buyer-supplier relationships. Finally, the items mentioned above also represent the three key areas where new businesses and companies will have to prioritize and establish at the early stages of their operations. In doing so, they provide themselves with a better business opportunity in having increased sales and higher customer satisfaction.


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