No game is more popular than Warframe, and for good reason; it’s an amazing battle royale game with incredibly addicting gameplay. However, this addictive nature can make it difficult to know what kind of weapon to use in any given situation. The following weapons tier list will help you find the best warframe weapon for any type of combat.

You can take a look at warframe weapon tiers list to get an idea of what the best weapons are for each warframe.

The Best Weapon for Any Situation

The quickest way to find the most effective weapon is to find the one most people are using. 

This means that most of your time will be spent checking out other players’ builds, along with the weapon builds on the weapons pages on Warframe. 

The most popular warframes will have more than one weapon worth checking out. It’s also useful to use this website to see what weapons are in high demand and what is your chance of getting it when it is in demand.

Here are the list for the best warframe weapon tiers list:-

1. Dex Sybaris (Weapon)

Dex Sybaris is the most powerful primary weapon in the game and it’s also the most durable primary weapon. 

You can one-shot enemies with this weapon and then take many more shots before having to reload. It does an incredible amount of damage and has very high accuracy, allowing you to hit your target every single time.

2. Amprex (Weapon)

Amprex is a great energy weapon that’s used for both healing allies and doing damage to enemies. When dealing with crowds of enemies, toss out some healing grenades and then use Amprex on them while they’re still weak. This way you’ll be helping your team and doing a lot of damage at the same time.

3. Telos Boltor (Weapon)

The Telos Boltor is a great warframe weapon that fires bolts, and it does an amazing amount of damage to enemies. 

Since you’re using bolts, the overall fire rate is slower than other weapons but this makes aiming easier and can also decrease how much recoil you experience when firing. 

You can easily get headshots with the Telos Boltor at any distance and you’ll always do a great deal of damage to enemies regardless of their level or armor rating.

4. Nyx Vaykor Syandana (Warframe)

Nyx Vaykor is a great warframe weapon that’s good at both close and mid range combat, so it’s a good weapon for almost any situation. It has a higher fire rate than Dex Sybaris, but this isn’t really a problem because the extra damage it does arches over most fire rates. 

You can also equip two Nyx Vaykor Syandanas which will allow you to do more damage with each shot. 

Nyx is an energy type warframe, which means you’ll have to use energy weapons from the energy type set instead of guns since Amprex is the best weapon for that slot.

5. Soma Gaze (Warframe)

Soma is a bow weapon that’s incredibly powerful at any range. It’s very accurate, even when firing from long ranges, and it does an incredible amount of damage to enemies in close range. 

Soma is one of the best weapons for handling crowds of enemies because you can easily get headshots while being able to dodge enemy attacks at the same time. 

This is one of the most popular weapons in Warframe because it’s good at both long and short ranges, while doing a great deal of damage regardless of range or situation.

6. Acrid (Warframe)

Acrid is a great weapon for low-level missions because it’s energy type, so it will work with energy weapons from the energy type set instead of gun weapons. 

This also makes it a good weapon for quickly clearing out any enemies that get in your way. The Acrid is a good close combat weapon equipped with Orokin Catalyst, causing it to have a high fire rate and knockback combo that can be used to spike enemies into the air. 

It has very low recoil and also does all this damage over time instead of directly, so you can take many shots before having to reload.

7. Vauban (Weapon)

Vauban is a great close range weapon used with the Mag RDR. It’s easy to use and can do a huge amount of damage, especially when combined with Warframe abilities like Strafe. 

If you’re looking for the best warframe weapon for mid-range combat, this is the perfect choice. 

You can easily kill many enemies using this warframe weapon with its high accuracy and power compared to other weapons in this tier list that are used for pure damage.

8. Latron (Warframe)

Latron is a great close combat weapon used with the Mag RAV. It’s also a good weapon for mid-range attacks, but you can also use it for long-range combat since it has an incredible amount of accuracy. 

Since it does so much damage, you can quickly dispatch enemies without taking much damage yourself. It’s one of the best weapons in Warframe because of its high power and accuracy at all ranges.


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