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There are many different trading platforms available for you to use when trading forex. Some of them can be a little complicated, and some have the ability to track thousands of indicators. What is important to make sure is that your trading platform has at least three features that will help your time in the market. Compatibility with your major trading platforms such as MetaTrader and Forex-Charts, the ability to track several indicators on a single chart, as well as a platform that’s easy to use.

MetaTrader 4

MetaTrader 4 is a very popular trading platform and has been around for several years. Its popularity has risen because of its ease of use. It has the ability to track several indicators on any particular chart and data that can be displayed on the chart so that you can make the best decisions while in the market.


If you are a self-starter and like to stay on top of the market and all that is going on in the world of currency trading, Forex-Charts will be perfect for you. This platform is not only easy to use but also has a user interface that’s highly customizable. You can make all your charts look beautiful and get alerts by email when something important takes place, such as an early warning signal or an important trend reversal. It also makes it simple to communicate with other traders that have accounts set up with the platform and have you as their monitor. Also, you will receive a daily email that gives you the top 20 current currency pairs and the price changes that they have made over the previous 12 hours.

The Top Forex Signals

Another great feature is the ability to take advantage of several trading platforms that offer forex signals. There are many traders that not only put their money into trading but also put time and energy into finding a currency pair that works best for them. These traders have very good track records when it comes to finding good trades, so whenever they post a trade, they usually have a large following of followers. They are also very active in the forums that offer forex signals and often post pictures or screenshots of their trades. They will upload a picture of the trading setup and post the name of a time frame, the currency pair, and what the movement was. This is an excellent way to get started by taking advantage of these traders’ work.

FX Flight

FX Flight is the best forex trading platform that offers its users the ability to search for other traders with similar strategies by using the Pairs system. This means you can find traders on FX Flight that are following similar trading strategies as you, and you can create a relationship in which you can exchange signals. The good thing about this feature is that it’s not just limited to tracking signals; it doubles as a social network, connecting traders together.

Trading Pairs

The Trading Pair feature is a way to connect with other users that have similar trading strategies. Connecting via the Trading Pairs feature allows you to view other traders and their account histories, as well as the markets they have chosen to trade in. This feature also lets you search for traders that are linked by one currency pair or by any of the top 30 most traded currency pairs so you can see what these traders are doing. You can set up an account so that you can follow all these trades whether you are on your desktop, laptop, or mobile device. If there is a currency pair that the trader does not hold an active position in, it will be marked with a star and show their average win rate.


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