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What are Monster High Doll Cakes?

Monster High Doll Cakes is a trend on Instagram with tons of dolls and cake designs taking over. There are tons of tutorials to make your own Monster High cake or take pictures of them. Cake makers create mini cakes based on the doll designs, princess cakes, or whatever you might want. So let’s get into this beginner’s guide to Monster High Doll Cakes! 

What Makes This Trend Popular?

People love motion-activated baby monitors and an endless supply of social media that eat up their free time so much that we can’t even find it anymore. We’re constantly looking for new ways to entertain ourselves during our busy days and the latest trend sets the bar high with its creations. Monster High dolls and cake, it’s a match made in heaven.

Is This Trend Real?

Many people love the idea of making these cakes, but it is hard to find. The online tutorials are not always helpful and the popularity of Monster High Doll Cakes does not rise to the top on Pinterest like other crafts. Initially, many fans were disappointed that they could not find a tutorial or recipe for Cake Monster High, however now most are working on how to make Dolly. These dolls are not for everyone, but it sure is a nice pastime for those who prefer Dolly’s style to the rest. 

What Are Cakes?

Let’s get started with the basics, what is a doll cake? A doll cake is like any other kind of cake except that instead of celebrating an ordinary occasion you’re celebrating something special about one of your favorite characters. If you’re making a Dolly Cake, then you are going to be putting her face on the top of your cake, and then putting her name directly below it in cursive writing. 

It can also be done in different colors such as pink or purple or another color palette that the creators believe will match the image. You are going to want to find the picture of your favorite doll, cut it out, and then trace the image onto your cake. Then you’ll have your cake shaped like a person and then you can add the details that would go along with it. If you’re using a different doll, then you may have to change up the instructions slightly if you are looking for specific instructions.


To make this cake, all that you need is a can of frosting in any color or design and 2 different size spoons. The smaller spoon is what we’re going to use as a pen and decorate with frosting first and then we’ll create our outline by using the bigger spoon. That’s really all you need but there is a more detailed guide below. If you would like to add some authenticity to your doll cake, then try using a spatula that looks like it could belong to her.


First we have to make sure the cake is cool before we decorate it so let’s begin with that first. Place your doll’s face on top of your cake then trace the outline with a smaller spoon. In this example, we’re using Dolly’s face as our model for this guide, but you can use any doll as long as there is an outline for you to follow. Then we can start filling in the outline of our doll’s face. We’ll be using the bigger spoon to fill in, so once you’ve got your outline then you can start decorating.

We’re gonna help you with the next step of this guide and give you a few tips that will make things a little better for yourself. If the outline is flattened, then try to flatten it again so that it looks more like a face. Start with a layer of thinner frosting first, then add more layers as necessary for a smooth look, and finally add your last layer of frosting to give it some texture.


You can also mix your frosting by adding food coloring to get the color you’re looking for. Be sure to color the frosted doll first and then add it to your cake, the icing will not look good if you add it before coloring.

For Dolly’s hairstyle, we’re going to be using a swirly design for her face that is fairly easy for you to create. We are going to be using two different spoons to create this effect. You can decorate both sides of your cake in order from largest spoon, smallest spoon and then both ends will have the same detail. The next step is to make sure the doll is in a pose using your two spoons.

Once you have your face and hair ready, then we can move onto the next step. Add her name underneath her face in cursive writing and use whatever colors match the character best. You can also add other things such as hearts or flags to make it more interesting. 


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